Pre-charging mags

Q: Will you put the drills on the course page w/ the mag / round count so students can pre-load mags?

A: No.  The drills, the round count of each and their order were developed over 20+ years and we treat them as proprietary.

But, we do encourage students to take notes during the class and we have no control over what they write.  We’re just not going to publicize the details.

Terminology alert:  We’ll use, and encourage you to adopt, the term ‘charge’ for putting rounds in a magazine and reserve the use of the term ‘load’ for when we’re making a weapon hot, etc.

Ex: “The next drill is drill x.  You’ll need x mags charged with xx rds each.”

Also, a good habit is to separate work mags from training mags.  Mags are expendable items and training mags are repeatedly subjected to rough treatment in a class.  Mark them somehow so they can find their way back to you.

The point is, you should bring enough training mags to help the flow of training and these should not be the mags you may have to use to fight your way back home. Keep those mags separate and treat them with care.