30 APR 2018

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I. DC1

Last call for the Defensive Carbine 1 class this weekend.  Details on what, where, etc. can be found at www.paladintraining.com/courses.  If you’ve been holding out for a BCO, it’s looking more and more like we will NOT schedule one this year.  My advice is to jump on the DC1.

Cost is $300, but you can sign up for Day 1 only at $180.

Note to department trainers:  DC1 is an expanded version of our SCCJA approved Patrol Rifle Class.  Completing Day 1 of DC1 earns 8 CLEE hours; both days earns 16 CLEE hours.  We offer a 50% discount off the $300 tuition to full-time LEO’s.  Also, at the moment, we can furnish 5.56 ammo for four officers taking the 16 hour class; six officers taking the one day 8 hour class.  First come, first served.  Contact me at 843-618-1381.

The class is free to active duty mil and SCNG.

II.  Preparing for a class

When someone asks me what they should do to ‘get ready’ for a class, my standard advice is this (short version):

First, whatever you do, DON’T go to the range and practice.  What are you practicing?  Bad Technique, usually.  Every iteration spent ironing in Bad Technique takes multiple iterations of remedial work to undo.

It gets worse: It seems that the first way we learn to do a task is hardwired in a way that makes it difficult to erase.  Overwrite might be a better term than erase, because I don’t think you ever totally erase it.

So, whatever you do, please don’t go to the range and work on your Bad Technique.

What should you do?

Easy.  No argument, the one thing you can do that will make you a better shooter and have a more successful class is to exercise, especially targeting stamina and grip strength.  At a recent tactical conference, one of the presenters reported (this is second hand as I wasn’t there) that one commonality among the top IDPA and IPSC shooters is that they ALL work on grip strength.  The Captain’s of Crush gripper (www.ironmind.com) seem to be the preferred brand.  One of the best shooters uses the 300 lb. model!  Get to it.


Our next SC CWP class is 17 & 19 MAY.  Details can be found at www.paladintraining.com/courses.

IV.  Final thought

“At the moment of victory, tighten the straps on your helmet.”   Tokugawa Ieyasu

Just think on it.



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