5 NOV 2018

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Last call to attend the defensive handgun class this weekend.  Details here:  DH1

If you’re already signed up, or thinking about it, contact me at steve@paladintraining.com so I can give you some last minute updates.

If you’ve taken DH1 already, the curriculum has had some significant revisions with more emphasis on one handed (both primary and support hand) shooting,  close quarters work, and ground [gun] fighting.

Serious First Aid

If you carry a gun, I’m guessing it’s because you recognize that there are people you share the world with that might hurt you, or try to, if given half a chance.  You admit some possibility of serious injury is just part of life.  Q:  Do you carry any first aid equipment and, just as importantly, are you trained in its use?

Individual first aid kits come in two flavors:  Those designed for minor / non-life threatening injuries like simple cuts and scrapes (an ‘owee’ kit), and those designed for serious / life-threatening injuries like stabs, deep slashes or gunshot wounds, etc. (a ‘blow-out’ kit).

There are two items every BOK should have at a minimum:  a tourniquet and a compress dressing.  There are several brands and types of tourniquets, but the one I like best and am most familiar with, is the ‘CAT’ (combat application tourniquet) by North American Rescue.  NAR is a South Carolina company.  I generally buy CATs at Amazon.  At this writing, you can get a two pack for $54.   Video here:  CAT

Check this out:  Beware of FAKES!

The compress dressing I like is an Israeli Battle Dressing or IBD.  You can also buy them at Amazon and here, too, you have to pay attention:  Some versions don’t have the compression bar.  Look for the dressings sold by PerSys Medical out of Houston.  Video here:  IBD

A note about using Amazon:  Be sure to use Smile.Amazon.com and select Paladin Training as the charity you’re supporting with your purchase.  Doing so adds nothing to your cost.

And, if you need more encouragement, check out this article:  Trauma System News.

Listen, I am NOT an expert in this field.  Over the years I’ve taken many classes, some offered by ‘names’ in the training community, but none were as helpful as the class given by Dr. Robert Moore from Florence.  He can be reached at 843-260-8902 or horsewizard@aol.com.


7 – 9 DEC.  The course description on the website is in the process of being updated.  More details in a separate newsletter later this week.


The CWP class scheduled for 15 & 17 NOV has been cancelled.  The next CWP class is scheduled for 13 & 15 DEC.


The Gift of Life?

A gift certificate for a Paladin class makes a great Christmas present.  Contact me at steve@paladintraining.com for details.


And finally…

SERPA.  Again!

Because we still see students bringing these things to class.  The point is at the 2:29 mark:

Guns & Ammo Editor Nearly Shoots Himself Proving That Serpa Holsters Suck

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