7 NOV 2022

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You may know that each of our defensive firearm classes ends the day with a block of instruction on low light issues.  In it,  we cover several flashlight techniques such as FBI, Harries and Cheek Index, all of which use what’s called an ‘ice pick’ grip on the light and NONE of which allow a decent two-handed firing grip on the gun while retaining the flashlight. I recently learned of a flashlight modification that fixes that problem. We’ll call the mod the shock-cord mod and the technique the ‘bungee’.

NOTE: I can’t remember who first showed it to me.  If you know who’s responsible, please let me know so I can give attribution where deserved.

  1. The flashlight with some 1/8″ bungee attached.

    2. The flashlight in the Search position. Note the flashlight is captured by the shock-cord on the TOP of your fingers and not on the inside facing the palm. From this starting point, you can still use the Harries, FBI, or Cheek Index techniques as desired.                                                                          (NOTE) I have to capture the tail-cap with the index finger of my support hand to better control the lens end, but it’s probably faster to deploy if you can capture all (or more) fingers with the shock-cord.



3. The flashlight rolled over the hand and out of the way in anticipation of deploying the pistol.


4. Full, two-handed firing grip while retaining the flashlight.

I bought the bungee at smile.Amazon, of course.  The vendor was SGTKNOT.  25 feet of 1/8″ shock-cord cost about $12. Don’t forget to seal the ends with heat after you cut it to length.

I’m under the impression not just any knot works on shock-cord.  Four years in the US Navy and most days it still takes me two attempts to tie a square knot, so I went to YouTube and found this guy:


After viewing it about a million times, I was able to tie two proper loop knots in the shock-cord.

To use, search using the appropriate flashlight technique, light fastened to the support hand with shock-cord, pistol either in the holster or tucked in to a Strong Hand Only compressed ready, muzzle down.  If the pistol is called for, simultaneously draw the pistol and rotate the light out of the way.  Acquire your normal two-handed firing grip and do what’s necessary.

Obviously you don’t want to use this technique if your flashlight has a lock-on tail-cap switch.  You’ll wind up lighting yourself up.

That’s it.

Give it a try.  I think you’ll like it.

Questions or comments, use the comments section.


The bio’s for Paladin’s AI’s are up here: http://www.paladintraining.com   This is the first time I’ve had this information in one place.  Check this out:

88 years LE

92 years MIL (16 of those in SPECOPS

34 years Contract Security

123 years as an AI w/ Paladin Training

They’re a good group of men… talented, experienced, and bringing different perspectives to the problem of the moment.  I’m humbled and somewhat surprised they let me be the Lead.  Anyone else in SC bring this level of experience to the classroom or range?  Not that I’m aware of.


19 – 20 NOV 2022

For particulars, see the previous newsletter.

This class probably won’t be offered again until Spring of 2023.


and keep on working on that team.





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