BCO 27 JUN 2020

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Heads up: This will most likely be the LAST CLASS of this type this summer and it’s restricted to the first 12 sign ups.

Police Cabin on Brass Street (off McIver Rd), Florence, SC
Starts at 830 am and ends NLT 6 pm.


AR15 (Pistol Caliber Carbines okay) equipped w/ 2 point sling
RDS not required, but okay
200 rds ammunition (always bring more in case)
At least 3 magazines and some method of attaching at least one spare to your body
Eye and ear protection
Ball cap (or similar)
Plenty of water!
Folding chair would be nice
Pen and notebook
Sunscreen, bug spray, meds, whine-stoppers, etc.
Rain gear
Any balance due

Make payment via Paypal to steve@paladintraining.com

This is a basic class. More technical than tactical, but there will be some movement. Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes and loose fitting clothing.

We’ll cover:
Fundamentals of marksmanship
Three types of reloads
Three types of malfunction reduction
Three basic positions

Call me at 843-618-1381 if you have questions, or if you’re lacking any essential equipment. I’ll be glad to loan you something until you can make an educated decision about what to buy.

Don’t put this off, friend.

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