4 Qtr 2022 Class Schedule

Been a long time since you’ve heard from me.  No excuse.  I apologize and will do better in the future.

I sincerely hope you’re doing all you can to improve your skills and develop a team.  If you need medical or dental work, get it done now.  If you need to get in shape, it’s never too late to start improving.  Being able to shoot, move and communicate is weapon independent.  Remember the Combat Triad.  Mindset at the top, Skills next, followed by Equipment down at the bottom.  If you’ve got the mindset and skills, you can get a better weapon.  Stop buying guns and train on what you’ve got.

Here you go…


4 QTR 2022

DEFENSIVE HANDGUN .5 (DH.5)        8 OCT             Lake Darpo              $200*


DEFENSIVE CARBINE 1 (DC1)             22 – 23 OCT  Lake Darpo              $300**


DEFENSIVE CARBINE 2 (DC2)             19 – 20 NOV Lake Darpo              $300


URBAN BREAK CONTACT (UBC)         9 – 11 DEC     Lake Darpo              $500


*  Thanks to a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, Paladin will discount the DH.5 tuition by $100 and provide 100 rds of ammunition (9mm or .40 S&W only) for the class.  The student is responsible for the remaining $100 and 200 rds.


** Thanks to a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, Paladin will discount the DC1 tuition by $200 and provide 200 rds of ammunition (5.56 only) for the class.  The student will be responsible for the remaining $100 and up to 200 rds.



That’s ‘DH point 5’ as in 50%, a one day class instead of the usual two day format.  Both DH.5 and DC.5 will include low light training.  Also, both DH.5 and DC.5 meet the pre-requisite requirements to take DC2 and you need to complete DC2 in order to take UBC.

$100 deposit is required to save your seat in any class.  Deposits can either be mailed to the POB below or using PayPal to send a DONATION to  If you use PayPal, click on ‘DONATE’ and search charities for Paladin Training.  If check, payable to Paladin Training.

Grant classes will be offered until we run out of ammunition, so reserve your seat soon.  Hint:  One of our classes makes a great Christmas present!


II.  Technique gotten sloppy or just feel the need for a tune-up, but don’t have the time for a full two-day class?  Consider arranging a private clinic for carbine, shotgun or rifle.  Call if you’d like to discuss particulars:  843-618-1381.





Paladin Training, Inc.  POB 12752  Florence, SC 29504 / 843-618-1381 /

Paladin Training is a tax exempt public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3).

All donations are fully tax deductible.

Last Minute Reminder: UBC!

Urban Break-Contact

The purpose of UBC is to help the student develop the mindset, gun handling skills and tactics needed to successfully disengage from a numerically superior force in an urban environment. Think somewhere between WW-Z and Kyle Ritten-house.

It builds on the foundations we developed in DH1, DC1 and DC2, and those three classes (or their outside equivalents) are firm pre-requisites for attending UBC.

UPC presumes you have sense enough not to willingly drive into a situation full of ‘hostiles’, so participants are encouraged to begin each scenario in their normal everyday civilian clothes…in ‘mufti’. You will quickly learn how well your arrangement lends itself to being retrieved and put on quickly (and correctly) while under duress.

Day 1 is spent reviewing the basics covered in DH1, DC1 and DC2. Days 2 and 3 are spent working the various combinations available to an individual and team member to break contact, gradually building in difficulty and intensity.

It is NOT necessary that you attend with a team-mate. We’ll pair you up with another solo attendee or one of the Assistant Instructors.

The operating envelope for this class is Contact Distance to 100 yards.

UBC includes a low-light segment at the end of Day 1 and Day 2.

When: 18 – 20 FEB 2022
Where: Lake Darpo, SC
Start time: Sign in begins at 0830; class at 0900
Cost: $450
Prerequisites: DH1, DC1 and DC2 (all, or outside equivalents — ask)
Physical requirements: Moderate
Only US citizens are allowed to attend this class.

DH1 review topics include:
1. Standard firing positions
2. Movement – Lateral, turns and pivots left, right and to the rear
3. Working cover
4. Stoppages
5. Low light considerations

DC1 review topics include:
The same as DH1
Add transition to the Secondary

DC2 review topics include:
1. Movement – Add aggressing the Threat
2. Maneuver – Travelling, bounding overwatch
3. Intra-team communications – Problems posed by stress, problems posed by low light
4. Fighting from the defilade – Supporting fire

UBC topics include:
1. Vehicular ambush
2. Fighting from, around, and to get away from, a vehicle

Practical exercises include (All both day and low-light):
1. Dealing with multiple Threats and non-Threats at various distances; making use of cover, mobility, and standard and unconventional positions
2. Movement (Individual and team)
3. Stoppage reduction
4. Discrimination drills (shoot / no-shoot)
5. Inducing and mitigating physiological responses to stress (Noise and artificially induced tunnel vision)
6. Cross sector engagements

What to bring:
1. Good attitude

2. Carbine in 5.56 NATO or 7.62 x 39 equipped with a two-point sling
a. BUIS encouraged but not mandatory
b. RDS / LPVO encouraged but not mandatory
c. a high intensity weapon mounted light strongly encouraged but not mandatory

3. Magazines: However many you usually carry times two: Six minimum. Put your name on them.

4. 1000 rounds of carbine ammo (NO ‘Green Tip’)

5. Defensive handgun (9 x 19 minimum) and normal carry rig

6. Spare magazines: However many you usually wear times two: Four minimum. Put your name on them.

7. 500 rounds of jacketed factory handgun ammo

8. Handheld flashlight

9. Ear and wrap-around ANSI or Mil-spec rated eye protection

10. Baseball type cap (visor okay)

11. Lunch / snacks / water / electrolyte replacement / whine stoppers

12. CLM (clean, lubricate, maintenance) gear

13. Spare batteries, etc.

Optional, but recommended:
1. Trauma kit AND first aid kit

2. Bug spray / sunscreen / other seasonal issues

3. Rain gear – Training continues in the event of rain.

4. Note taking stuff  This is important!

5. Folding chair

If you’ll be travelling from out of town, ask me about the Paladin discounts offered by the local Marriott hotels.

Make sure you bring whatever you’ll need during the day (like lunch). There are no eating establishments nearby.

Hope you can make it.
Steve / 843-618-1381

UBC No. 10

We still have space available in Urban Break Contact No. 10 scheduled for 18 – 20 FEB. We only do one of these each year, and you have to meet the training prerequisites of DC1 and DC2 (or outside equivalent).  I’ll be publishing an LOI for the class in a day or two. Short version: Lake Darpo / $450 / 1000 rds carbine & 100 rds pistol. 

Prior UBC attendees get a discount. 

Contact me with questions, etc: or 843-618-1381.




We’re changing the location of the BDP class this Saturday from Marion County to Lake Darpo. Lake Darpo is located off US-52 about halfway between Dovesville and Society Hill. Google “Lake Darpo, SC 29593”. Unless you get there before I do Saturday morning, there’ll be a Paladin sign at the turn off.

Follow Lake Darpo Road all the way to the clubhouse at the end. Call or email me if you have any problems.

843-618-1381 /

Everything else remains the same.

I’ll make the decision Thursday evening based on the current weather forecast to either have the class or postpone it. If you don’t get a text by 9 pm, give me a call @ 843-618-1381.

Class Update: BDP

Basic Defensive Pistol is still on for 29 JAN. I’ll make the final call Thursday evening based on the weather forecast and notify everyone via text. Be sure that you have 843-618-1381 saved in your phone’s contact list.

Cold we can deal with. Cold and wet is a non-starter.

Two points:
1. If something comes up and you can’t make the class, that’s not a problem, but please let me know ASAP so I can fill your spot. I’ve got people on standby.

2. If I’ve asked for your phone number and you’ve not provided it, I’m going to assume you’re not coming and give someone your spot. Still got time to fix that.

This is going to be a fun class, but the curriculum is aggressive so expect to work hard. Lots of material to cover. Take notes!

See you Saturday!

Class Announcement

Basic Defensive Pistol (BDP)

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor via the Coastal Community Foundation of SC, Paladin Training is able to offer a limited number of one-day, no-cost firearm training classes for new shooters. Both tuition and ammunition requirements have been met by the grant and will be waived until the grant is depleted.

Interpretation: The class is free and we provide all the ammo for it.

Purpose of Basic Defensive Pistol (BDP)
This class is geared toward the new or prospective owner of a defensive handgun and is designed to help establish a proper foundation in handling and marksmanship skills.

The larger purpose of the class is to help good people meet their moral responsibilities regarding the protection of innocent life.

At the conclusion of this training, the student will have:
1. The correct foundation upon which to further develop marksmanship skills;
2. The ability to efficiently reduce stoppages when they occur and keep the gun running;
3. The administrative skills necessary to competently handle the handgun;
4. The knowledge to properly clean, lubricate and maintain the handgun.

Training Outline
1. Safety & Emergency Procedures
2. Nomenclature, function cycle and controls
3. Overview of lubrication and maintenance procedures
4. Natural Point of Aim
5. Fundamentals of combat marksmanship
6. Stoppage reduction
7. Use of cover
8. Discussion: Legal v. Moral; Right v. Responsibility; Mindset

Admin Stuff
Date: Saturday, 29 JAN 2022
Location: 402 SC 576, Marion, SC (from Florence, 1.4 miles past the Beneteau Boat factory. Look for the Paladin sign.)
Cost: $0 (normally $150)
Prerequisite training: None
Physical requirements: Light
Start / Stop Times: 9:00 am – Dusk (Registration begins 8:30 am)

Important Notices!
We reserve the right to withhold training.
We may request that you provide us with a character reference.

Equipment Requirements
1. Defensive handgun in 9 mm Parabellum (We have loaners. Let us know
you’ll need one ahead of time.)
2. Holster and one mag carrier
3. Gun belt (pants must have belt loops)
4. Concealment garment (jacket, vest, etc.)
5. Up to 200 rds of ammunition (PROVIDED)
6. Three magazines (min) and the ability to carry at least one reload on your body
7. Safety gear (ball cap, ear pro and ANSI or mil-spec rated wraparound eye pro)
8. Lunch, snacks, meds, whine stoppers, etc.
9. Hydration (electrolyte replacement strongly recommended to supplement your water)

Optional stuff
10. Bug spray, sunscreen, other seasonal equipment
11. Rain gear (training will continue in the event of rain)
12. Note-taking gear
13. Folding chair
14. Sun canopy

Be prepared to eat lunch at the range.
Space is limited.

I recommend you talk with me before you purchase something expensive for the class.

If you want to reserve a spot or have questions, contact me at or 843-618-1381.

Paladin Training, Inc.
POB 12752
Florence, SC 29504

Paladin Training is a public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Our mission is to provide world-class crime prevention & homeland security training to law-enforcement, military, and – America’s original first responders – the armed private citizen.

DH1 Reminder


Defensive Handgun 1 scheduled for 9 – 10 OCT at Lake Darpo!
Here’s the LOI:

Defensive Handgun 1
Date: 9 – 10 OCT 2021
Location: Lake Darpo, 4900 North Governor Williams Hwy., Society Hill, SC
Day 1 hours: 9 am to 9 pm (registration begins at 8:30 am)
Day 2 hours: 9 am – 5 pm
Training pre-requisites: NONE
Physical requirements: Light
Cost: $300
Full time LEO: $150
Active Duty Military (including USCG, SCARNG & SCANG): No Charge

Training Outline:
Legal and moral constraints on the use of deadly force
Stopping mechanisms
Tueller Drill
Combat marksmanship fundamentals
Decision making drills
Low-light considerations
Night-fire exercise

What to bring:
Defensive handgun w / holster
Concealment garment
Sturdy gun-belt (pants with belt loops!)
Three mags / speed-loaders (minimum) and the ability to carry at least one reload on your body
400 – 500 rds jacketed handgun ammunition
Safety gear:
Ear and wraparound ANSI (or mil-spec) rated eye protection

NOTE:  Bring TWO pair of safety glasses; a tinted pair for day use and a clear pair for night use.

Ball cap
LCM (lube/clean/maintenance) gear
High intensity handheld flashlight / spare batts
Lunch / snacks / water (30 minute lunch break on-site each day)

Optional stuff:
Insect spray, rain gear, sun screen – any other seasonal items
First aid kit
Folding chair (strongly encouraged)
Note taking equipment



A $100 deposit is required to lock in a slot. The deposit is 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to class date or at anytime the class is cancelled for reasons that don’t involve you. The deposit may be sent to via PayPal or by personal check to: Paladin Training, POB 12752, Florence, SC 29504.

If you have questions, please call 843-618-1381 early so we can head off any potential problems and help ensure you have a quality learning experience.


Paladin Training is a public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Our mission is to provide world-class crime prevention & homeland security training to law-enforcement, military, and – America’s original first responders – the armed private citizen.

DC1 11 & 12 SEP

One week to the Defensive Carbine 1 class.  Still got room  Come train with us!  

Defensive Carbine 1


This class is geared toward the beginner wanting to establish a proper foundation in carbine fighting skills, but it is also suitable for the experienced rifleman wanting to tune up his / her technique or correct errors.


Dates: 11 & 12 SEP 2021

Location:  Lake Darpo, 4900 North Governor Williams Hwy., Society Hill, SC

Prerequisite training:  None

Physical requirements:  Light

Cost:  $300 ($150 deposit is required.  PayPal OK or send personal check or money order to the address below.)

  1. Full-time LEO $150; Active duty mil & SCARNG $0 (subject to availability)

Duration:  20 hrs

Start / Stop Times:  Day 1; 8:30 am – 9 pm / Day 2; 9 am – 5 pm (Registration begins 8:00 am Day 1)

Equipment Requirements:

  1. Carbine (Wear your optics, but be prepared to use your BUIS. Optics are NOT required.)
  2. Sustainment Equipment (cleaning kit, lube, spare batts, etc.)
  3. Quality two-point sling (NO single point slings unless an agency or department requirement)
  4. Six magazines (min) and the ability to carry at least one of them on the body
  5. 500 rds carbine ammunition (Call if you have M855 / Green tip)
  6. Usual defensive handgun setup for CWP holders
  7. 50 rds handgun ammunition
  8. High intensity flashlight
  9. Safety gear (ball cap, ear pro and ANSI or mil-spec rated wraparound eye pro)
  10. Lunch, snacks, meds, whine stoppers, etc.
  11. Hydration (electrolyte replacement strongly recommended to supplement your water)

Optional stuff:

  1. Bug spray, sunscreen, other seasonal equipment
  2. Rain gear (training will continue in the event of rain)
  3. Note-taking gear
  4. Folding chair
  5. Elbow / knee pads
  6. IFAK / ITK (Individual First-Aid [Owee] Kit / Individual Trauma Kit)

Training Outline:

  1. Safety & Emergency Procedures
  2. Nomenclature, function and controls
  3. Lubrication and maintenance procedures
  4. Setup
  5. Fundamentals of combat marksmanship
  6. Natural Point of Aim
  7. 100 yd ZERO
  8. Stoppage reduction (reloading, transition to sidearm & clearing malfunctions)
  9. Standard Shooting Positions (Standing, Kneeling & Prone)
  10. Movement
  11. Threats LEFT, RIGHT and TO THE REAR
  12. Scanning and other tactical considerations
  13. Use of cover
  14. Multiple Threats
  15. Low-light tactics and techniques
  16. Low-light exercises
  17. Discrimination (Threat ID / Shoot v. No-shoot)
  18. Clearing malfunctions
  19. Use of cover
  20. Flashlight techniques

IMPORTANT:  The instructors are going to camp on-site Saturday night at the end of training.  You’re welcome to join us.  Bathroom facilities are available.


Out of town students:  Marriott Springhill Suites, 2670 Hospitality Blvd., Florence, SC / 843-317-9050 provides a substantial ‘Paladin’ discount.

While the curriculum is geared toward the AR platform, AK’s, Mini-14’s, basically any magazine fed semi-auto based on a military platform will work and provide a good training opportunity.  The gun is just part of the solution.

Call if you have questions about your rifle, gear, etc.  PLEASE DON’T GO BUY SOMETHING EXPENSIVE FOR THE CLASS WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH US!



Any questions, contact Steve Cooper @ / 843-618-1381


Paladin Training, Inc.

POB 12752

Florence, SC 29504



Paladin Training is a public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3).  Our mission is to provide world-class crime prevention & homeland security training to law-enforcement, military, and – America’s original first responders – the armed private citizen.

Training calendar 4Q2021


Heads up!  Here’s the training schedule for the last quarter of 2021:

Defensive Carbine 1 (DC1)  11 – 12 SEP

Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1)  9 – 10 OCT

Defensive Carbine 2 (DC2)  13 – 14 NOV

Urban Break Contact (UBC)  10 – 12 DEC

All are currently scheduled to be held at the Darlington County SO range at Lake Darpo.  Additional details will be posted on the website courses page.

Classes build on the previous class.  So, DC1 is a prerequisite for DC2 and DC2 is a prerequisite for UBC.  Exceptions are made based on experience and training.  Ask.

Still tweaking the lesson plans in view of the ammunition situation (which is getting better daily), but the course descriptions now on the website are close enough for planning purposes.

You can reserve a seat in any class by sending a deposit of $100 via PayPal to  A check is fine if you don’t do PayPal.  Make it payable to Paladin Training and send it to POB 12752, Florence, SC 29504.  Be sure to note in the memo section which class(es) it’s for.


Last year we received a grant that enabled us to offer free one day basic AR15 classes.  The grant money was used for tuition, ammunition and three AR15 carbines.  Students paid nothing to attend, all ammunition was provided, and we even had carbines for those that didn’t have one.  The class was called ‘Basic AR’ (BAR) and was / is a technical class.  We anticipate the grant being renewed and, if it is, we’ll add BAR classes to the above schedule as range availability allows.

The Book of Faces

I’m going to make an effort to overcome my dislike of the Facebook business format and be more active in the future on the Paladin Training page.  Please be sure to visit and ‘like’ us if you haven’t already done so.

Something New

If you haven’t trained with us yet, we’ll need a reference from ONE of the following:

  1. LEO
  2. Pastor
  3. Paladin alum

Have them email me at

Any questions, same e-mail.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter.  Hope to see you in a class soon.  In the meantime, keep building that team.

Steve Cooper