Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1)

“Always attack. Even in defense, attack. The attacking arm possesses the initiative and thus commands the action. To attack makes men brave; to defend makes them timorous.” ― Steven Pressfield, The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great



This class is geared toward the beginner wanting to establish a proper foundation in the use of a defensive handgun, but it is also suitable for the experienced shooter wanting to tune up or augment his / her fighting technique or correct errors.

Every Paladin defensive firearm class has a low-light segment, so we’ll spend some ‘day time’ on the different flashlight techniques and discussing low light issues before shooting a series of decision making drills during low-light to end Day 1.


You must be a US Citizen to take this class.  Also, we’ll need to see, on the day of the class, either any state’s CWP, LE Creds, or Military ID, or a letter on department letterhead, from either your Chief of Police or Sheriff, testifying to your good character.  I know this is aggravating so I hope you will appreciate that we’re trying to keep this training out of the wrong hands.

Dates: TBA

Location:  Lake Darpo, 4900 North Governor Williams Hwy., Society Hill, SC

Prerequisite training:  None

Physical requirements:  Moderate

Cost:  $300

($150 deposit per person is required.  PayPal [button below] or send personal check or money order.)

  1. Full-time LEO $150; Active duty mil & SCNG NC / $0

Duration:  20 hrs

Start / Stop Times:  Day 1 is 8:30 am – 9 pm / Day 2 is 9 am – 5 pm (Registration begins 8:00 am Day 1)

Out of town students:  Marriott Springhill Suites, 2670 Hospitality Blvd., Florence, SC (843-317-9050) provides a substantial ‘Paladin’ discount.


Equipment Requirements:

  1. Heavy duty defensive handgun w/ appropriate holster (concealment for private citizens, duty for LE / MIL, etc.)
    • No Blackhawk SERPA holsters unless a department / unit requirement
  2. Three (3) magazines / speed-loaders (minimum) and the ability to carry at least one reload on your body.
  3. 500 rounds of factory jacketed ammunition
  4. Safety gear
    • Ear pro
    • Wraparound ANSI (or mil-spec) eye protection
    • Ball cap or visor
  5. LCM (lube / clean / maintenance) gear
  6. High intensity flashlight & spare batts
  7. Lunch, snacks, meds, whine stoppers, etc.
  8. Hydration (electrolyte replacement strongly recommended to supplement your water)
  9. Concealment garment


Optional stuff:

  1. Bug spray, sunscreen, other seasonal equipment
  2. Rain gear (training will continue in the event of rain)
  3. Note-taking gear
  4. Folding chair
  5. Elbow / knee pads
  6. IFAK / ITK (Individual first-aid kit / Individual trauma kit)


Training Outline:

Classroom subjects include:

  • Firearm safety & range emergency procedures
  • Legal and moral constraints on the use of Deadly Force
  • Stopping mechanisms
  • Tactical gunshot wound treatment (hemorrhage only)

Range subjects include:

  • The 4-count presentation
  • Combat marksmanship fundamentals
  • Stoppages
    • reloads
    • clearing malfunctions
  • Movement
  • 360 degree Threat management
  • Low light issues
  • One handed operation, primary and secondary hand
    • shooting
    • reloading
    • clearing malfunctions
  • Unconventional positions
  • Use of cover
  • Fighting from a car
  • Weapon retention
  • How to handle responding LE

Live fire exercises include a mix of alternating precision, speed and decision making drills.

Call if you have questions about your handgun, gear, etc.  PLEASE DON’T GO BUY SOMETHING EXPENSIVE FOR THE CLASS WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH US!

Any questions, contact Steve Cooper @ / 843-618-1381



Paladin Training, Inc.

POB 12752

Florence, SC 29504