Ladies AR-15


Ladies AR-15 (LAR) is a one-day class designed to thoroughly ground the student in the care, feeding and basic operation of an AR-15.

It’s a technical class, not a tactical class, and as much time is spent on ‘why’ as on ‘what’.  This is not just ‘nice to know’ stuff, or designed to impress, but extremely important to understanding what the gun is doing (or not doing!) when you press the trigger.  Being able to speak and understand the language of the gun is one of the differences between an amateur and a competent operator.

Note that the usual discounts for full-time LE and active duty MIL are extended to spouses for this class.  We understand this:  If one of you ‘serves’, both of you serve.

Why should you learn how to operate an AR-15?  Possibly because:

a. Your spouse is issued one and you should know how to safely operate his / her issue firearms.

b. It’s arguably the best self / home defense firearm available.

c. It’s lightweight, accurate, cheap to feed and has negligible recoil.  In other words, it’s FUN to shoot!

d. You recognize that the old truths about the difference between a subject and a free man apply equally to women.



Date: 2021 TBD

Location:  TBD

Prerequisite training:  None

Physical requirements:  Light

Cost:  $100

($50 deposit per person is required.  PayPal OK [button below] or send personal check or money order payable to Paladin Training.)

Discounts: Full-time LEO (or spouse) $50; Active duty mil & SCNG (or spouse) NC / $0

Duration:  8 hrs

Start / Stop Times:  8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Rain plan:  This.


Equipment Requirements (call if you have questions):

  1. AR-15
  2. Quality two point sling
  3. Three magazines (min). Magazines should have some form of ID or distinctive mark on them so they can find their way back to you.
  4. 200 rds (call if you have M855 / Green tip).
  5. Safety gear (ball cap, ear pro and ANSI or mil-spec rated wraparound eye pro).  We have loaners.
  6. Lunch, snacks, meds, whine-stoppers, etc.
  7. Hydration (in hot weather electrolyte replacement is strongly recommended to supplement your water)

     Optional stuff:

  1. Bug spray, sunscreen, other seasonal supplies / equipment
  2. Rain gear (training will continue in the event of rain)
  3. Note-taking gear
  4. Folding chair
  5. IFAK / ITK (Individual first-aid kit / Individual trauma kit)


Training Outline:

  1. Firearm safety & range emergency procedures
  2. Nomenclature, function and controls
  3. Operation
  4. Lubrication and maintenance
  5. Fundamentals of combat marksmanship
  6. Stoppage reduction (reloading & clearing malfunctions)
  7. Standing, kneeling & prone
  8. Zeroing

Any questions about anything related to this class, don’t hesitate to contact me: or 843-618-1381.