Defensive Carbine 1

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We’ve got room in the two day Defensive Carbine 1 class scheduled for 2 & 3 MAR. Details are here: DC1

A reminder about our pricing scheme and the discounts we offer:

  1. DC1 is $300
  2. $150 for full-time LE
  3. $0 for SCNG (Army or Air) and active duty mil
  4. $180 for Day 1 (Saturday) only

This is new:

If you’ve completed DC1 in the past, we’ll take 50% off your tuition for this class. That 50% discount applies to full time LE as well.

Contact me if you have any questions: or 843-618-1381

LE Pistol Qualification?

Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training writes regularly on the subject of armed self defense. I strongly urge my students to subscribe to his posts.

I recently rediscovered an older post by him on the subject of private citizen firearm qualification. In it, he makes the point that, should a CWP holder find himself in court defending his use of a firearm, it might be to his advantage if he can show he went above and beyond the minimum standards in his training. One way of doing that, Ellifritz suggests, is to have proof you qualified on an existing, approved law enforcement firearm qualification course. In the post linked to above, Greg makes a strong case for CWP holders to use the FBI Pistol Qualification Course (PQC).

There is a school of thought that says additional training or even proof of skill might cause you legal problems if you have to shoot someone in self-defense. I strongly disagree. As Ellifritz puts it, quoting Massad Ayoob, here’s the statement you’re making when you qualify on a more difficult standard:

“As a responsible gun owner, I didn’t feel comfortable carrying my gun in public until my skill level was at least as good as the police officers who patrol my community.  I took several training classes and I successfully completed the [FBI] pistol qualification course.  Here’s the target to prove it.”

I think this is a very good idea. So, starting in March we will offer, as a free service to anyone that’s taken a Paladin CWP or defensive firearm course, the opportunity to qualify — for record — on the FBI PQC under a certified LE trainer.

The plan is to reserve the range for three hours on a Saturday from 9 am to noon. We’ll work on the fundamentals for two hours and begin qualifying at 11 am. We will NOT rehearse the PQC. Instead, we’ll train on and practice the fundamentals necessary to pass the PQC.

Once you’ve qualified, we’ll document it. Should your level of training ever come up in a courtroom, you’ll be able to demonstrate the same level of proficiency required of an FBI agent. For what that’s worth.

Again, there will be no charge for this.

Let me know if this interests you and we’ll see about scheduling some range time and publish the gear / ammo requirements.

Newsletter Recommendation

Another newsletter I strongly recommend you read regularly is that put out by Paul Howe at CSAT. Howe’s credentials as a trainer are impeccable. I’m certified by Paul as a Tactical Rifle Instructor and Paladin’s DC1 is closely modeled after his Tactical Rifle course. He’s a genuinely nice guy. Humble. Conservative. Read his newsletter. Begin with FEB 2019. Especially pay attention to the recommendations on Page 4.

Caps and Decals…

are in! Caps are by Port Authority and are $20 each. If you’re out of town and shipping is required, I’ll split the cost with you. Paypal to is okay.

Decals are free (up to two). If you need more, let me know and we’ll figure something out.

PM or email me your address.

Thanks for showing off the colors!

Until next time…

… stay sharp! Continue to develop your personal and team skills!

And don’t forget DC1 on 2 & 3 MAR and the SC CWP on 23 FEB. Details on the CWP class can be found in the JAN newsletter.

Hope to see you on the range soon!


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