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We have open slots in the CWP class being conducted 10 – 11 SEP.
A word or two of advice (and some shameless self-promotion!):
There are several CWP instructors in this area who are known to give ‘short’ classes, i.e., classes less than the minimum mandatory 8 hours. At the last CWP instructor training session, SLED CPT Jim McClary said they are investigating and considering charges against those trainers and possibly nullifying any permits issued through their classes.
To help make sure you get the best training available, here are some questions you should ask your potential CWP instructor:

Q1: What is your background in the professional use of firearms and firearm training?

Law enforcement or military experience can be a plus, but by themselves, they count for nothing. Most LEO/MIL are not ‘gun’ people. Studies in NYC and Los Angeles, CA show officers miss their target 60 to 70% of the time. The quality of firearms training received by the average enlistee in the armed forces can best be described as ‘abysmal’.

Every contract trainer that works for Paladin has law enforcement or military experience (or both), but they weren’t picked for that. They were chosen for their skill with firearms, their desire and ability to teach AND learn, and for their professionalism. The experience is just a plus.

Q2: ‘How long is your class?’

If it doesn’t meet at least 8 hours, I strongly urge you to look elsewhere.

Q3: ‘How large are your classes?’

Is his or her typical class too large for you to receive the personal attention you may need? There’s no magic cut-off number here.

Most of our CWP classes have between 10 to 12 people. We’d rather do more small classes than a few mega-classes. One reason for this that’s not always apparent: We’re not just certifying people, we’re developing relationships. Hard to do that with a mega-class. Several times I’ve asked people who they took their training with and received the answer, ‘I can’t remember his name.’ I hope none of our people ever have to say that!

Q4: ‘How many Assistant Instructors (AI) will you have on the firing line?’

Not ‘Safety Officers’, but certified Assistant Instructors. At Paladin Training we have a self-imposed student to instructor ratio of 4:1. All our AI’s are certified law enforcement or military firearm instructors. They’re not out there just for your safety, but to ensure you get the personal attention you may need on the firing line for quality training.
We send a link to an online survey to all graduates of our CWP training and encourage them to give us feedback on the class. If you’d like to see how they responded, follow this link:

All the responses we’ve received, postive and negative, are there for you to see.

Lastly, we strongly encourage everyone who has, or considers obtaining, a defensive firearm to attend the CWP class. The class is about 12 hours long, but only about an hour of that is devoted to those issues that pertain solely to public, concealed carry of a handgun. The rest is relevant to anyone who keeps a gun for self-defense.

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