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We have a couple of open slots in the 1 DAY Basic Defensive Handgun Class being held Sunday, 19 SEP. Details to the left. Let me know ASAP if you’re interested in attending.
The one day class is simply Day 1 of our normal 2 Day BDH class. In addition to being easier to fit into your schedule (and perhaps your budget), it’s a good way for a beginner to ease into training. 400 rounds in two days is not for everyone. It also makes a great tune up class for experienced shooters who want to knock the rust off their foundation.

We’ll be conducting a 2 Day BDH later in the fall. If you’d like to attend the 1 Day class now and come back for Day 2 of the 2 Day class, we’ll let you do that for an additional $50. This only applies to the class in 2010.

Two New Classes Being Offered!

1. Tactical Carbine (TacCar)

This is an intense, advanced class and successful completion of Paladin’s Basic Defensive Carbine (or equivalent) is required to register. Physical requirements are moderate to high.
Day 1 is spent reviewing the fundamentals and getting tuned up. Day 2 is full of scenario training, individual and 2 person team tactics and stress inoculation drills.

2. Handgun Combatives (HanCom)

Similar in layout to TacCar, Day 2 is spent on scenario training, weapon retention, alternative fighting positions and stress inoculation drills. Physical requirements are moderate to high.
For a more thorough course description or to enroll in a class, contact Steve.

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