Edition 17

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We have open slots in all remaining 2010 classes except the 12 & 13 November Tactical Carbine class. Do your best to take advantage of this last quarter schedule. We have no idea what’s on the horizon with regard to ammunition or range availability, plus we anticipate having to increase fees next year. Also, fall and winter classes always contain a low-light training block and this is essential to a well-rounded defensive firearm skill-set. Odds are, if you ever need a firearm, it’ll be at night or somewhere it’s dark.
Speaking of ammunition, ammo prices are at their lowest in years. I just know one day we’re going to look back at this season and say, ‘Why didn’t I buy more when I had the chance?’
Note that the December CWP class has been moved from the third weekend to 3 & 4 December.
We’re listing several guns for sale by Paladin alum in this newsletter. If you’re interested in something posted below please contact the seller directly. In most cases I have no direct knowledge about the particular firearm and can’t help you if you call me. On the other hand, if you have general questions about the type or model, etc., I’ll be glad to help.
In this edition we’re going to branch out a little bit and talk about another aspect of crime prevention – emergency preparedness. A large topic, we’re going to just touch on one aspect here. I hope you find it informative and thought provoking. Let me know if you want more.
Hope to see you soon. In the meantime, Stay sharp, and ‘ready for anything’!

Preparedness – Fuel!

First, storing fuel at home can be dangerous, but you have to have it if you expect to run an emergency generator or bug out vehicle. A good article on the subject can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/Backwoodsfuel
Backwoodshome online magazine is a great site and I recommend you bookmark it and check it often.

Some first hand gained information to supplement the linked article:

  • Fuel cans – The best 5 gallon cans I’ve seen are at this site: Gerrycans. They’re not cheap, but they’re sturdy, well-designed, and don’t leak! I keep four of them filled year round and I can not smell the gasoline in them. Get some before the government realizes they’re a good thing and stops the importation of them. Seriously. And, don’t forget the nozzle and spare gaskets.
  • Treatment – the author mentions StaBil fuel stabilizer. This will enable you to store gasoline for up to a year (I’ve gone longer)without it breaking down. Otherwise, figure on it starting to go bad in 30 days. StaBil is available at Schofield’s Ace Hardware in Florence. See Paladin alum Don Worrell if you need guidance on which one to buy, or you can go here: StaBil. Note that Marine grade StaBil is recommended for gasoline treated with ethanol. I strongly recommend pure gasoline over ethanol treated gas for your long term storage. I recently read that gasoline providers can now go up to 15% ethanol. For a listing of providers, state by state, of non-tainted gasoline go to this site: Pure Gas

Locally, see Paladin alum Barry Townsend at Old Delmae Grocery on South Cashua in Florence. His premium grade is pure gasoline.

(Maybe worth mentioning from a commsec point of view that I always get permission from someone before tying them to Paladin in this newsletter. I will respect your desire for privacy!)

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