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We have a couple of slots available in this weekend’s Basic Defensive Handgun class. Times, location and equipment requirements are covered to the left.
This is our entry level handgun fighting course and the logical next step for a CWP holder. But, you don’t need a CWP to take the class. You don’t even have to own a handgun, we’ll loan you one of ours at no extra cost. Depending on which way you’re leaning, we can set you up with either a S&W .38 Special revolver or a Springfield XD in 9mm, plus holster and mag / speedloader carrier. All you’ll need to do is provide the ammunition.
An important feature of this class (all our fall and winter classes) is the amount of low light training you’ll get. Being able to hit your target in low light is a critical skill and something we don’t get enough practice in. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as turning on a flashlight and lining up the sights. At last weekend’s Tactical Carbine class we trained in the dark from 5:30 pm to 8 pm and we should be able to do the same for the BDH class.

Note: It gets COLD when the sun goes down so dress appropriately. Layers are a good thing as it’s often warm during the day and uncomfortably cold and damp after sundown.

Personal Items For Sale

A.R.M.S. Swan Ex-38 picatinny rail and built in #40 rear sight for AR-15

This provides a platform to mount a scope or other gear on the upper receiver of an AR15 and includes a flip up rear sight.
Used in like new condition. Picture here:
SWAN #S38 Extended
Suggested retail: $175
Sale price: $125

LaRue Tactical LT-661 (Short) Quick Detach optic mount

This provides a quick detachable base for the Aimpoint T1/H1 micro red dot sights.
New in the bag. Picture here:
LaRue LT661
Suggested retail: $98
Sale price: $75

LaRue Tactical LT-660HK( Med) Quick Detach optic mount

Used, in excellent condition. Same link as #2 above
Suggested retail: $98
Sale price: $50
Contact Me for details. Items no longer for sale.

Preparedness – Recommended Reading

1. Patriots – James Wesley Rawles (novel) www.survivalblog.com
The country after an economic collapse. Amazon reviews here: Patriots

2. How to Survive the End of the World as we Know It – James Wesely Rawles (how to)
Amazon reviews: TEOTWAWKI

3. One Second After – William Forstchen (novel)
The country after a nuclear generated EMP.
Amazon reviews: 1 Second

4. When All Hell Breaks Loose – Cody Lundin (how to)
Amazon reviews: WAHBL

That’s a start.

Patriots and One Second After are great for a group discussion. And you WILL need a group to survive if either of these worst case scenarios come to pass! Get a book, read it, sit down and discuss it chapter by chapter and decide what’s relevant and what’s not, what’s accurate and what’s not, etc. They’re written by humans so not infallible.

A suggestion for recruiting team members: Let the book speak for itself. Rather than going for the hard sell and committing yourself (“Read this book! The country is going to hell and I want to ride it out with you!”) I recommend you simply hand it to them with something like, “This is a thought provoking book and I’d like to get your take on it.”

If they come back to you with “Hey, the country is going to hell and I want to ride it out with you!”, then the book has done its job and now you’ve got a potential team member. All without committing yourself unnecessarily. Again, let the book do the heavy lifting for you.
Check out Hosea 4:6

$5 Chance to Win a Colt AR15!

There are still a few tickets no tickets left left in the FOP’s (Fraternal Order of Police) Pee Dee Chapter drawing being held 16 DEC. The gun is a new Colt 5.56 16″ barreled carbine with collapsible stock and flat-top upper.

Proceeds go to support FOP officers in the Pee Dee during times of need. It’s a worthy cause.

If you want to purchase tickets at $5 each, contact Pat Lee at pleehkg36@aol.com or via FaceBook.

Someone is going to get a great return on a small investment!

Attention student of the AR15

If you’re interested in participating in an ‘AR15 Build Class’, please let me know. We’ve talked about this before, but are now seriously considering conducting a hands on class where students bring their parts kits and leave with a completed AR15.
Contact Me at and let me know if you’re interested and able to commit financially (somewhere between $800 & $1000) to the purchase of the parts kits.

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