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We have a couple of slots available in the 1 – 2 April Concealable Weapon Permit (CWP) class and several openings in the Basic Defensive Handgun (BDH) class scheduled for 16 – 17 April.
Times, location and equipment requirements for the BDH are covered to the left.
BDH is our entry level handgun fighting course and the logical next step for a CWP holder.  You don’t need a CWP to take the class.  You don’t even have to own a handgun; we’ll loan you one of ours at no extra cost.  Depending on which way you’re leaning, we can set you up with either a medium or small frame S&W .38 Special revolver or a Springfield XD in 9mm, plus holster and mag / speedloader carrier.  All you’ll need to do is provide the ammunition.
An important feature of this class is the amount of low light training you’ll get.  Being able to hit the Threat in low light is critical and a skill we don’t spend nearly enough time developing or maintaining.  Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as turning on a flashlight and lining up the sights.
Note:  It can get COOL when the sun goes down so dress appropriately.  Layers are a good thing.

Lessons Learned: Springfield XD extractors

One of our school XD-9’s recently went down with a broken extractor. It’ll cost $68 parts and labor to fix.
For a number of reasons I consider important, I like to stock up on spare parts. Apparently Springfield Armory won’t sell spare extractors and, even if they did, from what I read replacing one on an XD is a chore.
A factory extractor for a Glock costs about $20 and takes just a few minutes (so I’m told) to replace. An extractor for a 1911 can cost in the $25 – 35 range and takes about 10 minutes to properly tension and install.
I love the XD’s. They’re reliable and accurate and easy to learn on. Up until now, I considered them a good value. Perhaps not if I have to pay almost 15% of a gun’s cost to replace a small (albeit critical) part, have to take the gun to a specialist for repair, and do without it while the part is ordered and installed.
What if spare parts aren’t available? What if UPS isn’t running? The number of scenarios that might cause either of those conditions to exist also carry with them the implication that I’m really, really going to need my defensive guns up and running.
I’m beginning to rethink the wisdom of relying on an XD as a durable, self sustainable platform.
If there’s a plus, it’s that operator error led to the broken extractor. Had a faulty case not been forcefully driven into the chamber, I’m guessing the extractor would still be intact and functional.

New Class Spotlight: Introduction to Handguns

Tuesday, 29 MAR
6pm – 10pm
You do not have to own a handgun to attend this class. We’ll have plenty of examples on hand to handle.
This class is perfect if you’re new to handguns, considering the purchase of one, or just want to learn more about the one you have. Here’s what we’ll cover:
1. How to safely handle, store and shoot your handgun
2. What the parts are called and what they do
3. How to clean and maintain it
4. Fundamentals of marksmanship
5. All about ammunition – what to get, how it works, how to store it, etc.
You’ll get quality hands-on experience and start developing proper muscle memory, not only in the area of marksmanship, but handling the firearm in general. Regarding marksmanship, dry work is extremely important in developing shooting skills. The difference between good shots and great shots is the amount of time spent in disciplined dry practice.
We will discuss, demonstrate, and give you the opportunity to work on marksmanship fundamentals through ‘dry practice’ (no live ammunition is allowed in the classroom).
Course Outline
Four General Firearm Safety Rules
Gun handling etiquette
Ammunition related malfunctions
Types of handguns
Revolver nomenclature & operation
Semi-auto pistol nomenclature & operation
Fundamentals of marksmanship
5 count drawstroke
Loading & reloading
Dry practice
Overview of cleaning, lubrication & maintenance
This is a non-firing class. Bring your handgun, holster, spare mag, etc., but no ammunition is allowed in the classroom.
Location: Florence
Cost: $50
Attendees will receive a $25 discount off the regular $80 tuition for our CWP class.
For a more thorough course description or to enroll in a class, contact Steve.

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