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I hope you had a Memorial Day worthy of the name, and were able to spend it enjoying the freedoms remaining to us, always remembering those who sacrificed to make the day possible.


Apparently, certain urban areas had memorable Memorial Days, with informal or ad hoc gangs attacking citizens and generally engaging in mayhem.  Using holidays and other anniversaries as excuses or opportunities to engage in violent criminal group behavior seems to be the trend.  Google ‘Memorial Day 2011 Riots’.  Myrtle Beach is mentioned.
Perhaps we should keep this in mind as we make travel plans for the Independence Day weekend. 


By the way, if anyone calls that holiday ‘the Fourth of July’ in your presence, please remind them of this:  The 4th of July is a date on a calendar; the name of the holiday is ‘Independence Day’.


The 4th of July has become all about cooking out and a trip to the beach.  On the other hand, Independence Day is supposed to be the day we commemorate a demand and subsequent war for freedom.


I think we (myself included!) need to spend less time eating hotdogs and planning vacations and more recovering our freedom.

July CWP Class Filling Up Quickly

We had to turn people away from our JUNE CWP class. The next CWP class (8 – 9 JULY) is already about half full.    You should probably get your deposit in right away if you want to attend this class.

Three ways to reserve a seat:

1. Send in a personal check / MO for $25 to:

Paladin Training, Inc.

POB 12752

Florence, SC 29504


2. Drop your deposit off at Fludd’s Gun and Pawn, 2049 West Evans Street in Florence


3. Use the PayPal button – You don’t need a PayPal account to use this feature.


Contact me at 843-618-1381 if you have questions.


Click Here to Pay

What About Other States?

If you have questions about the laws of self-defense or regulations regarding carry in other states, here are the websites I’m aware of that deal with those issues:
If you know of any others, please let me know and I’ll include them in a future newsletter.
I’ll probably add this section to the other ‘regular features’ found at the bottom of the newsletter.

Battery Caution

As we come to depend more and more on tactical or other emergency equipment that is battery powered, our need for technical knowledge regarding these devices and their power sources becomes critical.  It’s one thing to forego reading the directions that come with an alarm clock or electric toothbrush, another thing altogether when we’re talking about life saving emergency equipment like high intensity flashlights and red dot sights.  I think now we’re dealing with stuff where a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.
For instance…
“It’s just an AED, how complicated can it be?”  Probably not a good idea to wing it on this one.
Okay, more relevant…
I’ve always heard it’s a bad idea to mix new and old batteries, but never understood (or cared, frankly) why.  Good friend and fellow GunSite grad Mike Baker sends this explanation, in language even I can understand:

In the case of a flashlight or other multi-cell device, when one cell completely discharges ahead of the rest, the load current is still flowing through all of the cells.  Under load, the voltage of the weak cell drops lower and lower, eventually reaching zero.  At this point, the still flowing load current from the “good” cells forces the voltage of the now fully depleted cell to go into reversal and the weak cell is now being “charged” in reverse. 


Interestingly, the chemistry of most cells will permit a “weak” cell to actually store a *small* amount of this reversed charge.


Polarity reversal of weak cells is why it is important to never mix used (lower remaining capacity) cells in with new.  If the cells in question are of the rechargeable type, subjecting them to a reversed current flow will seriously damage their ability to ever accept a proper charge.  The higher the discharge rate of the battery device is, thebetter matched the cells should be, both in type of cell and state of charge.  Never put mismatched batteries (cells) in a device.


Now, not only do I have a better understanding of the why behind the what, but he gave me another reason to care:  If I mix batteries the device won’t work properly (knew that), AND I’ll ruin those expensive rechargeable batteries that are part of my long term plan.  Got it.

Thanks, Mike!

3rd QTR 2011 Training Calendar in the Works

Heads up:  We anticipate doing a Basic Defensive Handgun class in JULY and a Basic Defensive Carbine in AUGUST.  We’ll get confirmation out ASAP.
‘But… it’s going to be HOT!’
No kidding.  Now, quit your sniveling, go buy a CamelBak, and come get trained up!  It just might be hot when you need those skills.
A change…
Future BDH classes will include firing the SC CWP Course of Fire on Day 2.  This will accomplish two things:
1.  Students who have yet to take a CWP class will be able to exempt the range portion when they do return to take the class.
2.  Students who have already taken a CWP class will hopefully have any training scars inflicted by the conduct of the original CWP COF and its emphasis on safety removed forever.

Hope to see you in a class soon.  I’m concerned time is running out.

Until then,

Utrinque Paratus!



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