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We have seats available in the Basic Defensive Handgun class this weekend.  Contact me if you’d like to take this class.  You can send the deposit by using PayPal.

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Don’t forget that we’ll fire the SC CWP course of fire on Day 2 of the BDH for record (if applicable).  If you shoot a passing score and come back to one of our SC CWP classes within 3 years, you’ll be able to deduct $30 from the CWP class tuition and be exempt from the range portion of the class.


We’ll have low-light and night-fire training this class as well.


If this interests you, get in touch with me ASAP.


Hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Stay sharp and train hard!



Calling Christian Warriors

Since our beginning back in 2000, Paladin Training has conducted situational awareness seminars with Biblical support for churches and small groups on an as-requested basis. Now, I’m considering leading an on-going, regularly scheduled study that will dig much deeper into the Christian principles of personal defense and readiness.


We spend a lot of time in our armed self defense classes dealing with legal issues, and for good reason. Acting within the bounds of the law is right (and not normally a hindrance to honest self defense).  But, whether or not you’re willing to defend your life or that of another innocent is, at its heart, a spiritual issue.
I believe the republic stands on the edge of a precipice.  Hard choices are in our future.  Not ‘hard’ as in difficult, necessarily, but hard as in ‘ruthless’.  If the worst comes, people are going to be hurt and, if you expect to defend yourself and your family, you’ve got to be ready and willing to do what’s necessary… and what’s right.  And, that’s what this study will be about:  If X seems necessary, is it also, according to the Bible, right?
I cannot over-emphasize the importance of dealing with these issues now while we have the luxury of time… time to study and think and seek wisdom.  There won’t be time later.


This will not be a seminar. There will be a teaching time followed by discussion.


Where, when and how long each session lasts will depend on input from those of you who want to be a part of this. I think it would be extremely difficult to accomplish much during a lunch hour, so I’m leaning toward a 90 minute to 2 hour study one weeknight a week.  Doesn’t have to be in Florence, either.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in participating in, please send me an e-mail with ‘Christian Warrior Training’ in the subject line.

Want a Florida non-resident CWP?  No problem

Our CWP training qualifies you to apply for a Florida non-resident CWP.  If you’re interested in pursuing this, first vist FloridaCWP and check out their regs.
They will require a copy of your SC CWP certificate as proof of training.  If you need another, send $5 to the address below and I’ll mail you one.
PayPal is also okay:  steve@paladintraining.com


Check out the list of states that have reciprocity agreements with FL (35, by my count): FLCWPreciprocity


Pay particular attention to states footnoted with a (4).  Those states honor FL’s permit only if you’re a resident of FL.


Familiarize yourself with Florida’s laws, especially where they differ from SC’s.  When in Florida, do as the Floridians do, etc.  The two sites linked above are very helpful.  The reciprocity page also includes links to the other state’s sites.

Blackhawk SERPA holsters banned in our classes

I’ve been expressing caution about these holsters since they were introduced and have been considering banning them from our training since early in 2007.  Evidence continues to mount that the SERPA holster is dangerous.  I’ll say more in a separate training bulletin.
For now, unless you are required to use a Blackhawk SERPA by your employer, they are no longer allowed in Paladin Training classes.

Mike Kent Gunshow this month

We’ll be at the Florence Civic Center 24 – 25 SEP for the gunshow, setup in our usual place.  Come by and visit.  I’ll have decals for anyone needing one.


On the subject of decals, I’ve recently gotten several reports from students who had a positive interaction with law enforcement, at least partially due to the presence of the Paladin decal on their car.  This is good!  It means the decal means something positive to the officer who sees it.
At least for some LEO’s, the decal has become an IFF (identify friend or foe) indicator.
What a benefit!
What a responsibility!


We have to do our part to ensure the wrong people aren’t displaying one.  Please, before you sell or dispose of a car, be sure to remove the decal!

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