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Very brief newsletter follows.  We’ve been incredibly busy the first quarter of 2012 and my administrative abilities (I don’t have any!) have been severely pressed.  If you’ve called or e-mailed me and haven’t heard back in a reasonable time, try again.  It’s very possible I lost you.  On the other hand, if the calendar says I’m at a class, don’t expect to hear from me for a couple of days.  After you leave the range my job is only half finished.


I need a teenager to come program my outgoing phone message to let you know when I’m out of pocket.


Despite unprecendented demand for our CWP training, we’re still keeping CWP classes to 14 people.  The limiting factor is the range size and the number of people we can fire at one time.  We tried classes in the past with two relays and the day was just too long for everyone, students and instructors alike.


The weekday CWP classes are more successful then we figured.  We’ll continue to periodically offer them as long as the demand remains.


If you’re already part of the family, continue to practice those fundamentals.  Keep those perishable skills fresh.  Remember, a CWP class is just the beginning.   Come to a defensive firearm class at the earliest opportunity and learn to fight.


Train hard!




BDC tomorrow – Slots available!

We have a couple of slots available in the Basic Defensive Carbine class this weekend.  This is a two day class and includes low light training at the end of Day 1.  Like all our two day basic classes, you can attend just Day 1 at a reduced fee.  We cover the basics on Day 1 and just refine them on Day 2.  Call me at 843-618-1381 if you’re interested.
For a hard reminder about the value of realistic training, even (especially!) for those who have served in the military, read one young Marine’s story here:
Remember:  Full time LEO pay only half price.  Active duty military pay NOTHING.  It’s our thank you gift to you.
Come train with us. Don’t put it off!

Host a class and get a discount

We’ve formalized the discount schedule for those who host a private CWP class.  Here are the details:
We require six people (confirmed with deposits) to schedule a private CWP class.  If you host the class, for every person over that number, you receive a $10 discount off your $80 tuition.  For example, if seven attend, you pay $70; if eight, you pay $60.  Max the class out at 14 and your class is free.
If the class is held at your facility and Paladin is not responsible for range or classroom fees, we can talk further discounts.
We’re also figuring out a similar pricing scheme for the defensive firearm classes.
Remember we can do classes during the week!
Give me a call at 843-618-1381 if you’re interested.

New one-day / weekday CWP added!

We just scheduled a one day CWP class for Tuesday, 21 FEB.  Class size is restricted to 14 and it’s already half full.  The best way to help ensure you have a seat in this class is to use the PayPal button below to send us a $25 deposit.
Call me at 843-618-1381 to see if there’s room before sending me money.
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New class:  Legals / Legal updates

In our regular two-day weekend CWP class, we conduct roughly four hours of teaching on the lawful use of deadly force from 6 pm to 10 pm Friday evening.  We usually have space in the classroom for ten to twelve people beyond the 14 that are attending the CWP class.
While there is presently no legal requirement in SC that a CWP holder ever attend a legal update or refresher training, there have been significant changes to the law regarding carry and use of force since SC became a ‘shall issue’ state in 1996.  For instance, there are un-doubtedly SC CWP holders who have never heard of the Protection of Persons and Property Act and its effect on the duty to retreat when in public.
We’ve decided to open up any extra available seatingduring (not in) one of our two-day CWP classes for those who wish to get brought up to date or refreshed on the law.
Here are the options:
1.  If you attended any one of our CWP or defensive firearm classes in the past, you may attend at no cost.  This includes the handout.
2.  If you attended someone else’s CWP, the fee is $50 which includes the handout.
3.  If you have absolutely no intention of ever obtaining a CWP but can see yourself using deadly force to defend your life, or that of another, should it ever be necessary, then please consider attending one of these sessions.  This legal stuff is critical.  Some common misconceptions about the lawful use of deadly force can lead you to act prematurely or excessively and end up with you going to jail.  Others can cause you to hesitate and  result in you being harmed or worse.  Your fee is $50 which includes the handout.  Should you then decide to attend one of our CWP classes within the next twelve months, we’ll apply the $50 to your CWP tuition.
4.  If you’re scheduled for a later CWP class with us but can attend an earlier Friday evening legal session, we’ll be glad to include you.  Your cost will be any balance owed us for your CWP class.
All of the above options are on a space-available basis.  Be sure to contact me before showing up so I can be sure we have room for you.
Contact me. Something to consider.

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