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Embedded below is a letter I wrote recently to the editor of the (Florence) Morning News.  For some reason (no doubt part of the vast left wing conspiracy), they skipped that day when updating their letters section on the Morning News website.  Otherwise I’d just include a link.


Other stuff:  We’ve been extremely busy so far this year.  To date in 2012, Paladin has conducted more CWP classes, and trained more students, than we did in all of 2011.  Thank you!  I just wish it weren’t necessary.  This is truly a business I wish we could work ourselves out of of.


The limiting factor in training students is now range availability.  If you know of land available that would be suitable for a training facility, please let me know.


I returned to the doctor today for a follow-up visit about my right shoulder.  There is a lot of improvement in both range of motion and pain, so perhaps the rotator cuff isn’t completely torn.  I’m to continue the NSAIDs and let pain be my guide in how much I should use the shoulder.  What this means is that the UBC originally scheduled for earlier this month is still on hold until we give the shoulder time to heal. We’re possibly looking at JULY or AUGUST for the UBC now.  I’m sorry.  Anyone wanting their deposits back for that class, please let me know!


Train hard, put God first!




CWP this Saturday and Sunday – Seats available!

We have a couple of open seats in the CWP class being conducted 28 & 29 APR (this weekend!).  This is a 12 hour class.
We’ll meet at Lake Darpo, Society Hill all day Saturday and finish up Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.  Call me at 843-618-1381 if you’re interested.
The next CWP class we have openings is 9 & 10 JUNE.

For the ladies (and the men who love them):

Here are a couple of websites you might find interesting:
Be sure to check out Falia’s YouTube videos.  They’re linked to her website.
If you know of any other websites / blogs geared toward the female warriors among us, please let me know so I can spread the word.

Lost and Found

1.  Personal cooler, nylon w/ a hard plastic insert.  Red and black in color.
2.  Ammo & etc belt carrier, camouflage.
Call me at 843-618-1381 to claim.

To the Editor

Your take on S1255, the bill that would make allowance for CWP holders to be armed inside establishments that serve alcohol, deserves a comment.  Worth consideration:


First, CWP holders are, as a group, more law abiding than the public at large with a proven track record from 1996.  They’ve paid their money, given up their time, passed two tests and been vetted by SLED.   By definition, they play by the rules.  Not to say a CWP holder has never done anything stupid, but if the rule says ‘don’t carry a gun and drink’, the CWP holder is statistically more likely to obey it than one without a permit.


Second, the bill does not give CWP holders the absolute right to carry into establishments that serve alcohol.  It would allow CWP holders to carry into establishments that serve alcohol only with the owner’s permission.  If S1255 becomes law, fearful business owners that like their customers disarmed will still have the right to post a sign saying they don’t allow concealed carry inside, just as they do now.  A note to the wise:  There is growing evidence that criminals target ‘gun free’ zones.  Don’t go into one if you can help it.


The current provision affects more CWP holders than any other and the consequences for breaking it are unduly harsh.  Currently, a SC CWP holder convicted of carrying into an establishment that serves alcohol on premises can find himself prohibited by the federal government of ever owning a firearm again.  Constitutional arguments against federal intrusion into a South Carolina matter aside, does that sound just?


You called it the ‘Guns in Bars Bill’.  I call it the ‘Even People in Restaurants Have the Right to Defend Themselves Bill’.  I hope it is soon law.


Steve Cooper, Executive Director

Paladin Training, Inc.

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