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We still have slots left in the Basic Defensive Carbine class next weekend.  If you wish to attend the UBC in September, this will be the last chance to take care of the prerequisite.


Andrew Jones in Darlington can fix you up if you need any gear in kydex or ballistic nylon.   He’s built a couple of pieces for me out of kydex and I’m very satisfied.  This is a real good thing if you’ve got a carry gun the major manufacturers aren’t making a quality holster for.  Prices are reasonable and turn around is short.
Find him on Facebook at Jones Murphy Tactical or e-mail ajones@jonesmurphytactical.com.
Be sure to visit Fludd’s and Schofield’s this weekend.  Fludd’s is now an authorized Glock dealer and they’re having a huge gun sale. Schofield’s is having their big annual open house this weekend and Monday.  Guns at wholesale.
Flyers for each are reproduced below.  Hope to see you out.


Last item:  If you’re interested in one of fifty chances to win a seat in one of our Basic Defensive Carbine classes AND the ammunition for the class (500 rounds of either 5.56 or 7.62 x 39, your choice), contact me for the details.
We’ll be announcing the winner before the BDC next weekend.
Please forward this to anyone that might be interested.
Train hard, put God first!

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