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I hope this finds you and your team well.

We’ve got room in the CWP class taking place this weekend!  Don’t wait until the summer.  Please forward to anyone you know that might be interested.

Train hard, put God first!



Recap: Range Day & UBC Standards

The open range day will went last Friday.  Several Paladin alumni came out and took advantage of the opportunity to get some quality trigger time.  Various paper targets were available as were several types of steel.  The Dreaded Rotator was fun (and often enlightening) for those who had the confidence to try it.
Here’s a 3 minute video on the Rotator by its inventor:

Several participants left wanting one.  Contact my good friend Steve Camp at www.ravelingroup.com and he’ll hook you up.

Next time I’ll bring a Dueling Tree.  We’ve got a nice Speedwell Dueling Tree donated by Chris Watkins atwww.gunn-fighter.com.  Not sure why I didn’t take it last Friday.  It would been a good addition.

Most who showed up were graduates of our UBC course wanting to run the scenario.  We’ve added some new barricade / cover elements that worked out well here.


I purchased a S&W MP15/22 (.22LR caliber) early April and Friday was the first time I had a chance to work with it.  Every one I’ve seen or shot has been reliable and accurate and this one is no exception.  I’m convinced the MP 15/22 is a great training tool and I expect I’ll be using mine much in the future to supplement full power training w/ the standard AR15.


The most interesting gun I saw Friday was an MP15/22 with an integral suppressor by Innovative Arms in Elgin, SC.  Using subsonic ammunition, the thing was scary quiet.  All you could hear was the bolt cycle and the impact of the round downrange.


Like the unsuppressed versions, this one was very accurate out to 100 yards (the longest shot we could take).


I’ve heard nothing but praise for IA’s work and customer service.  You can check them out here:  Hush!


It was good to see those who showed up.  And a  big thanks to you who helped defray our expenses with a donation! 

Recap: One Day Basic Defensive Shotgun

We had a successful BDS last Saturday.  Most of the students had more than one EUREKA! moment when they learned something new and useful about the shotgun.  Also, most managed to complete the class without the expected bruising, ‘rabbit lips’, etc.  Of course, a slip-up in shotgun technique WILL be rewarded with a teaching point, as some found out.

Tactical Genius

A new addition to Paladin’s BDS curriculum is the ‘Biden’ technique:  At the first sign of danger, point the shotgun up in the air and unload it.  Never let it be said we’re not open to new ideas here at PTI.


What an idiot.


Actually, we worked a lot on basic skills like loading and unloading; we learned the pros and cons of different ready conditions; we patterned buckshot at various distances; we learned to engage threats to either side and to the rear while efficiently getting off the attacker’s ‘line of power’; we learned to scan; we learned how to pie corners and take the shot from cover; we did basic work with birdshot and then tested our technique with buckshot; we learned how to manipulate the action properly; we discovered the issues that come from having to fight with a shotgun from unconventional positions; we discovered that a weapon mounted light is not just a useful accessory, it’s an essential.


In short, we learned how to run the gun and hit the target, in daylight and in dark.   All the training comes down to this:  Win this fight, see if there are other immediate fights, get ready for future fights.

A Big Plus

We got to train in the rain!  I am seriously a little disappointed the rain stopped before the night fire segment as that would have added a nice component to the mix.


My relationship with the shotgun as a fighting tool is developing.  I started to say ‘confused’.  I spend so much time on the rifle I don’t think much about shotguns.  True, there’s one nearby as I write this, but I seriously wonder if I’d even think of it should the need arise.  Then, I teach one of these classes and I’m reminded:


The shotgun is an awesome home defense weapon! 


Based on student demand, we only do the BDS twice a year.  I would love to be able to make it part of the normal defensive firearm rotation and do one once a quarter.  It’s worthy of it.


If you want it, let me know.


Paladin Training will begin offering UT CWP training this summer, maybe JULY.  The class will probably take around four hours.  Cost should be in the $75 – $100 range.  Alumni of Paladin’s CWP training will get a discount.


Because our SC CWP class is twelve hours, the UT CWP class will be a stand-alone class and not added on to the end of the SC class.


We’re still working out the details.  I’ve completed the UT CWP instructor class, but still have some paperwork to turn in.  I’ll keep you posted.

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