Edition 45

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I hope this finds you and your team well and continuing to prepare.

Edition 44 had a couple of errors in the training schedule, so please check out Rev 1 to your left. A big thank you to those who e-mailed or called to point out the problems.

Note: HAC has been rescheduled to Sunday 18 AUG. The class is about half full now. If you want to attend, get your $50 deposit in soon. If I don’t have a deposit from you, I’m assuming you’re not coming. I know the administrative stuff is boring, but please read the section below on deposits and cancellations.

The next scheduled public CWP class is 6 & 7 SEP. We still have a few openings.

SLED has made an important change in the renewal process. From www.sled.sc.gov:

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is experiencing a tremendous influx of concealed weapon permit applications, both new and renewal. The applications are processed in the order in which they are received, starting from the date SLED actually receives the application. Processing is taking the full ninety days on both new and renewals. Please know that we are processing all applications as quickly as possible, while maintaining the quality of backgrounds required by law. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time.

*Below is a temporary change in the concealed weapons permit law enacted during the 2013 legislative session. Temporary provisos are enacted in the State budget and are only effective for the State fiscal year (July 1 – June 30); unless re-enacted they expire on June 30, 2014.

62.22. (CWP Renewal and Replacement) A concealed weapons permit may not be suspended by a state official, agent, or employee supported by state funds if the permit holder has initiated a renewal or replacement application and the processing and issuance of a renewal or replacement permit is delayed for administrative reasons. A concealed weapons permit remains valid during the pendency of the renewal or replacement process so long as the application for replacement renewal is submitted prior to the expiration of the permit.

My advice is to make a copy of the renewal application confirmation page (online renewals) and keep that with you, just in case they don’t get your new permit to you before the old one expires.

This might be a good time to check your SC CWP for the expiration date.

Please forward to anyone you know that might be interested.

Train hard; put God first!

Defensive Firearm Classes Filling Quickly

Enrollment is approaching the halfway mark in both the September BDH and December’s UBC . If you’re interested in either, get your 50% deposit in ASAP. Contact me if you have any questions.

Utah Still Pending

Yesterday I received my Utah Non-Resident CWP in the mail. With that in hand, I can now send in my instructor application. I expect it will be another 60 days before I’m certified to teach the Utah CWP class. If you can’t wait, I certainly understand. Give me a call if you’d like to be referred to an area instructor.

Welder Needed

Several of our steel targets are in need of repair. If you’re willing to help by providing your welding skills, please give me a call: 843-618-1381
Thank you!

New Class & Date: Handgun Accuracy Clinic

  • Class: HAC
  • Date: Sunday, 18 AUG 2013
  • Times: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Location: Lake Darpo, Society Hill, SC
  • Cost: $100
  • Round Count: 250

I’ve never been satisfied with the amount of time available to us in either the CWP or BDH class to devote to marksmanship. I think we do a good job balancing the various elements of marksmanship, mindset and gunhandling — the ‘Combat Triad’ — in our training, but pure marksmanship suffers in the effort.

‘Balance’… what a beautiful word. I prefer to think of balance in this context as completely unrelated to ‘compromise’, which is an ugly word. The performance goal in combat shooting is to strike the proper balance between the two competing needs of accuracy and speed. If you’ve attended a CWP or BDH class with us you may remember this phrase associated with how well you have to exercise the fundamentals: Just Good Enough.

All well and good, but it doesn’t do much to help you achieve your full potential as a shooter. I’m firmly convinced that the correct path to that goal is to first learn to shoot well, and later, only after you have a firm, technical grasp of the fundamentals, learn to shoot fast.

HAC is about technique. Two fundamentals will get a lot of attention: Follow through and trigger control. In particular, we’ll endeavor to get past the basic technique of a ‘surprise break’ and begin to work on firing one accurate shot on demand. Years ago I attended an LE sniper class that featured Carlos Hathcock as a lecturer. At one point he was asked whether or not he tried to achieve a surprise break on the trigger. Carlos chuckled and said, ‘No, I don’t go for that. If I did, I wouldn’t be here now. That gun is MY gun and I make it go off when I want it to.’

We’ll also work on follow through. Remember, you have no way of knowing how many shots it will take to solve your problem. Consequently, we should incorporate follow through into every shot. A shot isn’t complete until the sights are re-aligned on the target and the trigger prepped for the shot that may be necessary. If you’ve taken a class from us, you’ve heard that also.

No matter how many shots your problem requires, X number of accurate shots is really only one accurate shot repeated X number of times.

So, the goal of HAC is very simple: To help you develop the mental and physical skills necessary to shoot one accurate shot on demand.

Come experience HAC. It will be mentally and physically challenging, but you’ll be a better shooter on the other side. If you’re not, I’ll give you your money back.

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