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Hope this finds you and yours well.

We had a great response to the new car decals.  If you requested one and haven’t heard from me, let me know so I can get it fixed ASAP.  Send an e-mail to steve@paladintraining.com with “DECAL” in the subject line.  Up to two are free;  $1 each after that.

Thank you again for displaying the decal on your car
(And, don’t forget to remove it when you sell the car!).

We’ll be placing another order for t-shirts and caps soon.  I’ll put the word out when they’re in.

Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested.


Train hard; put God first!



1QTR2014 Training Calendar

Working on the calendar for JAN – MAR 2014 now.  Let me know what you’d like to see.  Don’t forget we’ve added Utah CWP (UTCWP) classes to the mix.

SC-CWP Class This Weekend

We have a few seats available in the SC-CWP class this weekend.  Let me know if you’re interested.

The 13 – 14 DEC SC-CWP is now at 50% capacity.

We also have a few openings still in the 23 – 24 NOV BDC and a couple in the 27 – 29 DEC UBC.

Feel free to pass this on.

Basic Defensive Handgun Curriculum Change

We now include a block of instruction on working from a car.  In the past, this subject was covered in ADH, but we all spend so much time in a vehicle, we thought it best to include this training in the Basic curriculum.

Some Good News & A Firm Push

Prices on AR-15’s and 5.56 / .223 ammo are back down close to (if not below, in some cases) pre-Newtown panic levels.  If you’ve been considering an AR, DON’T PUT IT OFF.  We’re just one headline away from non-availability / non-affordability again.

A recommendation

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) in Columbia buys components from the Fabrique Nationale (FN) plant there for their AR’s.  FN supplies M4’s and other weapons to the DOD.  This week PSA has complete upper receivers on sale for $500.  Blemished complete lower receivers are on sale for $180, a great price!  The only thing you’d have to add is a rear sight and you would have a first-class basic mil-spec fighting AR-15 for less than $800.

I would definitely consider one of their guns.   I’ll put it this way:  The only brands I’d put over PSA are Colt, Bravo Company Bravo! and ‘designer’ guns like Daniel Defense, LMT, etc., and then only for the potential resale advantage.  Since I don’t intend to sell any, it’s a moot point.  From an operator’s view, there’s no advantage, in my opinion, to buy above PSA.  It’s a solid starting point.

Another plus 

Theoretically, a PSA gun also MAY one day have a legal advantage over other manufacturers in that it has ‘Columbia, SC’ stamped on the receiver and thus should be exempted from any future Federal gun registration / confiscation scheme.   Depends on how firm SC wants to stand for the Constitution.

Ammo and mags?

More is always better.  A sound, if somewhat arbitrary minimum figure, is 5000 rounds and 20 magazines per AR.   5000 rounds is enough that you should feel comfortable using some in training.  If you’re like me, that kind of purchase is out of reach in one step.  Start now.

MagPul P-mags can be found for less than $15 each.  If you’re old school like me, mil-spec aluminum mags are about the same price.  For perspective, during the height of the panic they were upwards of $50 each, if you could find them.

One case (1000 rds) of quality 5.56 / .223 is now between $400 and $450 as opposed to $750 plus during the panic.  Buy Federal or mil-spec Lake City ammunition and avoid like the plague anything with Wolf or Tula on it.  For why: Lucky Gunner

Social ammunition is not an area to save money.  Especially if we’re talking about a future where replacement AR’s or components may be problematic.  Protect the investment that you may one day be using to protect your family and property.

A good way to extend your training dollars is to invest in a S&W MP15-22.  It is a great training tool and a serious little .22.  Get a minimum of three mags for it. S&W MP15-22

Contact me if you’re considering an AR / AK but don’t know where to start.  Paladin Training conducts more carbine classes than any other type and we have learned a lot over the years about what works and what doesn’t.  A student once asked me how much I had invested in my AR15.  I gave him a rough estimate then added this: “If I included the cost of all the stuff I’d taken off to get here, it would be about double that amount.”   Let us save you money, time and frustration.

Seriously, don’t put this off.  Then come to us and learn how to operate it and fight with it.  You’ll thank me one day.

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