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Hope this finds you and your team well.


Want to get some training on how to use that AR, AK or Mini-14 to defend your home and family?  We have room in the Basic Defensive Carbine class this Saturday and Sunday.  Contact me ASAP if you’re interested.


Good news:  Ammunition prices are close to pre-panic levels and everything but .22 LR seems to be readily available.  Stock up while you can!  We’re just one rumor or incorrect headline away from another shortage.

Ball caps available in OD and PINK:  $20 plus shipping.I hope to finalize a design for the new American made short sleeve Tees this week and get them to the screen printer.  Available sizes:  XL and XXL.
Contact me if you have any ideas regarding the design.

If you qualify, don’t forget to get your subdued car decal.  These are for anyone who has completed one of our defensive firearm classes (BDH, BDS, BDC, ADC, UBC, etc.):

One free per qualifying student as a way of saying thanks for showing the Paladin colors.  More than one:  $1 each.

I trust you will find the newsletter useful.  Please forward it to anyone that might be interested.

Train hard; put God first!



Streamlight’s ‘The Siege’

Just picked up a handy little battery powered lantern that should be useful during a short-term power outage.  Rather than me trying to get creative in describing the thing, I’ll direct you to the Streamlight page here: THESIEGE

You can see the talking version here:

While researching The Siege, I came across this solar powered lantern that looks promising:  GOALZERO

While on the subject of emergencies, the latest Emergency Essentials newsletter has several useful links discussing supplies and emergency equipment that should be in your vehicle here:  JUNKINTHETRUNK

Holstering Caution

The following will come as no surprise to anyone who’s taken a SC CWP or BDH with us:  Be careful when holstering your pistol and make certain that you’ve holstered only the gun.


The word we teach students to associate with putting the gun back into the holster is “RELUCTANTLY”.  After looking at the video linked below, I think “THOUGHTFULLY” might be a good substitute.


We also train a forward sweep with the firing hand between the holstered gun and torso to check for inadvertently holstered clothing, pull tabs, etc.


Recently a police Chief shot himself because he had unintentionally holstered a jacket pull tab along with his Glock pistol.  The pull tab was inside the trigger guard of the holstered pistol.  When the Chief absentmindedly (or so it appears) tugged on the hem of his jacket, the pull tab pressed the trigger and discharged the gun while in the holster.  Result:  gunshot wound to the leg.


Check out the video from The FrontSight Blog and note the Rule Two violations prior to the ND.  Also, without further editorializing from me, note that the Chief shot himself in the hand in 1999 with a gun he thought unloaded: AGAIN!?

BDC This Coming Weekend

Basic Defensive Carbine class scheduled for 26 & 27 APRIL.  We still have a couple of spaces left.

Don’t forget there are training prerequisites:  Our BCO or equivalent from another source.

AR-15’s For Sale

A friend has two new AR-15’s for sale:

#1  Palmetto State lower

  • Carbine-length gas system
  • 5.56 chamber, 1 : 8 twist barrel
  • Mid West Industries forearm
  • Strike-Fire Vortex Red / Green dot optic w/ 2 X magnifier
  • Six new Magpul P-mags
  • Soft nylon case
  • $975


#2 Palmetto State lower

  • Mid-length gas system
  • 5.56 chamber, 1 : 7 twist barrel
  • Mil-spec handguards
  • BU rear sight
  • Six new MagPul P-mags
  • Soft nylon case
  • $775

Contact Jay @ wcarlson@sc.rr.com

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