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This will be a short newsletter.


We still have a few seats open in the SC CWP class scheduled for this weekend.  Let me know if  you’re interested so I can get you the details.


If you’ve been waiting for prices on AR-15’s to come down, I wouldn’t wait any longer.  Same for ammunition.  And magazines.  All that could change before you finish reading this newsletter.   If you need some guidance, contact me.  I can help you start out a little higher on the learning curve.



Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested.

Train hard; put God first!


Low Light Handgun AUG 2014

Low Light Handgun, AUG 2014

Low Light Handgun #1

The first LLH is now history.  Judging from feedback I’ve received I’d call it a success.  We learned a few things and the next one will be even better.


Here’s an outline of the live-fire content of the curriculum:


  • Daylight
    • One-handed draw-stroke from concealment
    • Reducing stoppages (review)
    • Flashlight techniques (review)
  • Dusk
    • Shooting thru the stages of dusk w/o artificial light
  • Night
    • Flashlight techniques
    • Reducing stoppages
    • Single targets:  Threat identification  (shoot v. no-shoot v. challenge)
    • Multiple targets: Threat identification and prioritization


Students performed a mix of static / technical drills and dynamic / tactical drills.


We also discussed some of the issues involved in defending the home during periods of darkness.


We started promptly at 6 pm Saturday afternoon and I called cease-fire around 2:30 am Sunday morning.


All the students worked hard and made it a great class.  I think they all came to a greater appreciation for how darkness complicates things.  Good to know since the odds are high it’s during a period of low-light that our self defense skills will be called upon.


The next LLH is tentatively scheduled for 15 NOV from 3 pm to Midnight (subject to change).


Note the training prerequisite below.

  • For both safety and quality, the class is limited to eight (8) students.  As with all classes, a 50% deposit will hold a seat for you.  The PayPal DONATE button at our home page is the easiest way to send the money.
  • Seats will be reserved as deposits are received.
  • Other details:
    • Cost – $150*
    • Prerequisite – Paladin DH1 (old BDH) or other equivalent

Contact me at either steve@paladintraining.com or 843-618-1381 if you’re interested and I’ll send you the equipment list, answer any questions, etc.


* All usual discounts apply:   

  • Paladin Alumni – $120       
  • Full-time LEO – $75
  • Active military (including USCG, SCARNG & SCANG) – $0

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