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I hope you and your team are well and continuing to diligently train and prepare.  You are betting your life your enemy isn’t.

This will be a short newsletter with a focus on upcoming classes.

I sincerely wish for you and those who care for you a safe, peaceful and happy Thanksgiving Day.  May you have just the right amount of food and family and no more of either than is good for your comfort and peace of mind.

As always, hope to see you in a class soon.

Train hard; put God first!



Gift Certificates Available…

… for all our classes.  What better gift for someone you care about than the opportunity to learn life-saving skills?  You can also think of it this way:  The life they save may be yours!

Contact me for details.

Last weekend’s DC2. Gave it 110% in cold, rain and dark and made it a great class!

Urban Break Contact!

We have spots available in the UBC next weekend.  UBC is a two-person team class where the focus is on learning the skills and tactics necessary to disengage from a numerically superior force.
Past participants:  We’ve made some very meaningful changes to the curriculum.  If you’d like to come for just one or two days, I’ll be glad to prorate the tuition.  Remember that Friday is review day, so if you can only come one day, Saturday would be the best choice.  Space is limited and teams / individuals attending all three days get priority.

Contact me if you’d like the details.

Student Appreciation Days

In past years we’ve set up the range and invited past participants of the UBC to come shoot the UBC Standard Course of Fire.  Never any charge, this was just one way to say ‘thank you’ to the people that invested their time and treasure with us.  We’ll do that again early in 2015.

Well, MGM’s ‘Attack Target’ has turned out to be a phenomenal training tool and I’ve decided to host a separate range day where you can come pit yourself against it all you wish.  Just like the UBC Standards Day, ‘Attack Target Day’ is free, but you must have completed either DH1 or DC1 to shoot against it.

You can see a factory promo on the Attack Target here:


Here’s one drill we run in carbine classes using the Attack Target:

At night, in darkness, the student faces up range, approximately one yard off the center-line of the track, armed with a light equipped carbine.  The light is turned off, the carbine is in Condition 1 and at a low ready.  The target is 21 feet away.

An instructor has modified the face of the target by fastening a mock up of either a contact weapon (such as a knife or club) or a benign object (such as a coffee cup) to the face of it.

The student is given the command ‘LOOK!’.

The student must step aggressively off the line as he / she turns 180 degrees to face the target.  When the student’s strong side foot hits the ground the Attack Target is released.  Within 1.5 seconds the student must perform these actions:

  1. Establish a fighting position;
  2. Use the light to identify the target from a ready position (to avoid a Rule 2 violation);
  3. If the target is non-threatening, the student must recognize this and quickly move off-line to avoid getting hit by the on-coming target;
  4. If the target represents a deadly force Threat, the student must recognize this, get three hits with the carbine, then quickly move off-line to avoid getting hit by the on-coming target.

Did I say in less than 1.5 seconds?

It can be done and is done successfully in every Defensive Carbine, Defensive Handgun and Low Light Handgun class.  The most beautiful thing, from an instructor’s perspective, is to see the students’ skill level and confidence increase over multiple engagements.  Finally, and we can generally sense this from the rear in the way the student moves, he or she gets it all together… gets ‘in the zone’.  After such a run, the student will invariably turn and say something like, ‘I thought I had ALL the time in the world to do that!’

And that is a truly wonderful thing.

Also on Attack Target Day, we’ll bring out the ‘DRT’ (Dreaded Rotator Target) and let past participants of DH1 (old BDH) come shoot against it.  Those of you who have shot against, and been frustrated by, the Rotator need no reminders about how it works.

I’ll keep you posted via the newsletter as to when UBC Standards Day and Attack Target Day will happen.

Bring a lot of ammunition.  Come shoot until your arms fall off.  And, thank you for training with us!

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