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I hope you and your team had a blessed Christmas!  I encourage you to see this new year as an incentive to train and get ready.

Train hard; put God first!



Attempted Carjacking / Florence, SC

A few weeks back the daughter of one of our students was the intended victim of a carjacking.  As she headed into town, approaching the intersection of National Cemetery Road and South Barringer Street (about two blocks east of Church Street) a man and woman stepped in front of her car, forcing her to stop.  The female ran away, but the man tried began to pound on the driver’s side window and tried to enter the driver’s door of her car.  Thankfully the door was locked.  She sped away and avoided a carjacking or worse.


  1. Keep your car doors locked!
  2. There are three ‘inputs’ in your car. Any and all may be appropriate in a situation.  Keep an open mind.
    1. brakes
    2. throttle
    3. steering wheel
  3. A critical component of Situational Awareness is playing ‘what if’ games.  ‘What would I do / where would I go if those two people tried to stop me?’
  4. If you fear for your life, your car may be the appropriate weapon for the situation.  It’s a better ‘stopper’ than a handgun… and you’ve already got your hands on it.
  5. Was it ‘reasonable’ for her to assume the man was attempting a carjacking?  I think that’s obvious.  According to Section 16.1.60 of the SC Code, carjacking is a crime of violence and deadly force may be used to stop one if necessary.

Tragic Shooting in Idaho

You’ve probably heard about the 2 y/o child shooting and killing his mother in an Idaho Wal-Mart.  While she was shopping, and presumably not paying attention to him, he accessed the concealed handgun in her purse and accidentally shot her.

The 29 year old mother had a concealed weapons permit issued by the state of Washington.  Unless I missed something while researching the issue, there is NO TRAINING REQUIREMENT to obtain a WACWP.

What a senseless tragedy.  He will live with this until that day when all tears are wiped away.

Please, please, please keep  your firearms secure!  If a handgun is carried in a purse it should be in a dedicated (not shared with anything else) and CLOSED compartment.

Obviously, the safest place to keep the weapon is on your body.  You have greater control over it, plus you’re less likely to forget about it.

The ripples from this event can have long lasting consequences beyond the obvious.  In my experience, one certainty is that some in that family or circle of friends will turn away from firearms.  That’s not a bad thing in itself, but it can become a bad thing if one day in the future their life or the life of a loved one could have been spared if only they had a gun available and knew how to use it.

Strange… people will ride in a car to the funeral of a loved one killed by a drunk driver and not think a thing of it.  There’s no linkage at all in their mind.  But, people every day forever turn against firearms because one was misused in some event close to home.  Makes no sense to me.


Today is the last day to make a tax-deductible donation to help Paladin Training in 2014.  Where does your money go?

Subsidized Training

There are two seats reserved in every defensive firearm class for local law-enforcement to attend free of charge.  About 50% of the time, Paladin is able to provide the ammunition for them to use in the class.

Other LEO’s pay only 50% of the regular tuition for a class.

Active duty military – including members of the SCARNG & SCANG pay NOTHING to attend any of our defensive firearm classes.


Donations have enabled us to purchase some first-class targets and other training aids.  For instance, with the purchase in 2014 of the MGM ‘Attack Target’, Paladin was able to introduce more realistic and stressful drills into our carbine and handgun classes.

We’ve got big plans for 2015.  Help us out if you can!

Paladin Training is a tax exempt public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3).  All donations are fully tax deductible.

Fundraiser 2015.1

  • Prize:  1 seat in any two-day defensive firearm class and 500 rounds of carbine ammunition (5.56 or 7.62 x 39)
  • Cost per ticket:  $20
  • Number of tickets:  50
The drawing will be held when the 50th ticket is sold.


Contact me for details.

Counterfeit Optics?

There are a number of Chinese counterfeit copies of electronic sights on the market.  Okay for AirSoft, but not something you’d want on your social gun.
Here’s how to check an EoTech to make sure it’s real:

Florence Gunshow

Hope to see you NEXT weekend (10 & 11 JAN) at Mike Kent’s Civic Center Gunshow.   We’ll be at our usual spot.

Urban Break Contact!

We have a few spots available in the UBC at the end of March.  UBC is a two-person team class where the focus is on learning the skills and tactics necessary to disengage from a numerically superior force.
Past participants:  We’ve made some very meaningful changes to the curriculum.  If you’d like to come for just one or two days, I’ll be glad to prorate the tuition.  Remember that Friday is review day, so if you can only come one day, Saturday would be the best choice.  Space is limited and teams / individuals attending all three days get priority.

Contact me if you’d like the details.

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