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I hope you and your team are well and continuing to prepare.


Would you be interested in participating in a study group on Emergency Preparedness?  I’m considering hosting an ongoing series of meetings on that very broad subject.  I can’t say more about the venue until I have some idea how many people might be attending.


I anticipate discussion on subjects like amateur radio, gardening and water storage, etc.  It all depends on what you consider a likely ’emergency’.


If this sounds like something you might like to participate in (or contribute to as a Subject Matter Expert), please let me know.


Please continue to train and get ready; physically, mentally and spiritually!


Train hard!   Put God first!



Defensive Carbine 1 This Weekend!

We have room in the DC1 class scheduled for 20 & 21 June.  Cost is still $250 but will go up to $300 beginning the 3rd QTR.

Here’s the training outline:
A. Safety & Emergency ProceduresB. Review: Nomenclature, function and controls

C. Review: Lubrication and maintenance procedures

D. Review: Fundamentals of combat marksmanship

E. Review: Stoppage reduction (reloading & clearing malfunctions)

F. Standard Shooting Positions (Standing, Kneeling & Prone)

G. Static Warm Up Drills

H. Zeroing (7, 25 & 100 YL)

I. Movement


K. Scanning and other tactical considerations

L. Low-light tactics and techniques

M. Low-light exercises

a. Discrimination (Threat ID / Shoot v. No-shoot)

b. Clearing malfunctions

End of Day 1

Day 2

A. Review

B. Transition

C. Unconventional shooting positions

D. Use of cover

E. Multiple Targets

F. Moving Targets

G. Range tear down and police call

End of Day 2


You’ll need 400 to 500 rounds of ammunition for your carbine.  Ammo prices are down.  This is a good time to make up some of the training you’ve been putting off.

Pre-requisite:  BCO or outside equivalent.  Ask!
Required for:  DC2 and UBC.

Full details can be found here:  Defensive Carbine 1

Basic Designated Marksman (BDM)  AAR

BDM – I is now history.  What a great class!  Scott and Ashton did an admirable job.  I believe every student came away  confident in his / her ability to get first round hits on targets out to 600 yards.  This is a Big Thing.  If you’re the typical AR-15 owner that has never fired at a target more than 100 yards away, think of it as a 600% increase in the usefulness of your carbine.


Rifles / calibers / number used:
AR-15 / 5.56 NATO / 6
Sako TRG-21 / .308 Winchester / 1
POF AR-10 / 7.62 NATO / 1
AIAW bolt gun / .300 WSM / 1
VEPR / 7.62 x 54R / 1
SVD / 7.62 x 54R / 1Winner of the class shoot off was Ben Snipes shooting
an Accuracy International AW in .300 WSM.  Last February, Ben and his shooting partner Nate West were  added to Paladin’s list of adjunct instructors.

The Number 2 shooter, ‘JW’, shot an AR15.  Don’t know the make or caliber.

Number 3, Kevin McKie, did a great job with the POF semi-auto in 7.62 NATO.  Kevin used relatively inexpensive Privi Partizan .308 Match ammunition in the AR-10.

Two of the AR-15’s were by relatively local (Apex, NC) maker, Barnes Precision Manufacturing.  BPM makes a first-tier AR15 and these two students did a fine job with theirs.  Pat Lee, another of our instructors currently doing Executive Protection work in Afghanistan has seen BPM M4’s in use with US Special Forces over there.

Check them out at  BARNES PRECISION and tell Andrew I sent you.

What I Learned

At this stage in my career as a student, when I go to a class I count it as time / money well spent if I pick up ONE useful thing to bring back and work on.  Keeping in mind I already have some experience shooting NRA High- Power Rifle at Known Distances from 200 to 1000 yards, here’s what I took away from BDM – I:
1.  A new prone position
2.  Proper use of the bipod
3.  Using the scope reticle for range estimation, hold-over (distance) and hold-off (wind)
In other words, for me the class was a much greater than usual value in time and money spent.  I have much to work on.  I’m sure those students that had never before shot at targets further than 100 or maybe 200 yards have a much longer list.

What’s Next?

Future BDM’s will be 20 hours long instead of 12.  Tentative dates and times for BDM – II:  9 thru 11 OCT
Lake Darpo:  Friday evening from 6 pm to 10 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm
Aynor, SC:  Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.
Rounds:  150
Cost:  $325BDM – I filled quickly and had a standby list.  If you’d like to take the next one, contact Scott ASAP at  843-858-0360 .

Fundraiser 2015.1

Prize:  1 seat in any two-day defensive firearm class and 500 rounds of carbine ammunition (5.56 or 7.62 x 39)
Cost per ticket:  $20
Number of tickets:  50The drawing will be held when the 50th ticket is sold.


Contact me for details.

Price Increases in Effect 3rd QTR 2015

Street price first, followed by the discount for Paladin alumni:
Intro to Defensive Handguns (IDH) – $50 (no change)
Utah CWP – $75 / $50 (no change)
SC CWP – $80 (no change)
Note:  We’re considering teaching a combined SC / UT class at some point.Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1)       $300 / $250
Defensive Handgun 2 (DH2)      $300 / $250
Low Light Handgun (LLH)          $200 / $175
Defensive Shotgun 1 (DS1)         $300 / $250
Basic Carbine Operator (BCO)  $250 / $175
Defensive Carbine 1 (DC1)          $300 / $250
Defensive Carbine 2 (DC2)         $300 / $250
Urban Break Contact (UBC)      $600 / $500

Full time LEO will still receive a 50% discount on defensive firearm classes.

Active duty military (including SCARNG / SCANG) will continue to get a 100% discount on all defensive firearm classes.

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