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I hope you and your team are well and continuing to prepare.


November is a busy month for us.  Please check out the training calendar and class descriptions / justifications below.  Don’t forget that a class makes a great Christmas gift.


Raffle 2015-2 is still ongoing.  The winner gets a seat in any two day defensive carbine class plus up to 500 rounds of ammunition to use in the class.  Calibers are restricted to either 5.56 or 7.62 x 39.  The winning ticket can be worth almost $500.

Tickets cost $20 and no more than 50 tickets will be sold.  The drawing will be held when the 50th ticket is sold.

Remember that Paladin Training, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit under IRS Section 501(c)(3).  All gifts are tax deductible.

Administrative note to class organizers:  If you’re the organizer for a private class, don’t count on your people actually showing up for the class UNLESS YOU HAVE THEIR MONEY.  Yeah, I know it’s your family and they wouldn’t do you that way.  Listen, if Billy Graham and the Pope said they were coming to a class, I wouldn’t believe either one of them until I had their money in my hands.  And that’s my advice to you.

Please continue to train and get ready; physically, mentally and spiritually!


Train hard!   Put God first!



Intro to Defensive Handguns Tonight

IDH tonight at our house:  2030 Ralston Court in Florence.  I need to know if you’re planning to attend.
As the name hopefully suggests, this is a great class for the person just getting into handguns.  If you don’t know the difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol, this class is for you.  There’s no shooting, but lots of hands on training and instruction.  We’ll spend an hour on gun safety, an hour on ammunition, the 3rd hour learning to handle and operate revolvers and the last hour doing the same with semi-autos.

One of the greatest benefits of the class is realized when you go to buy your first defensive handgun:  You’ll start out much higher on the learning curve than the average first-time buyer who is dependent on either gunshop personnel or friends to steer him in the right direction.


What I often hear:  “I need to get a revolver because I don’t have the strength to rack the slide on a semi-automatic.”
What we usually find:  You DO have the strength to rack the slide; you’re just not using your strength efficiently… which is the PC way of saying, ‘You’re doing it wrong’.  I can’t count the number of people that found they COULD rack the slide on a semi-auto once they were taught the correct way to do it.

Since there’s no live ammunition present during the hands on portion, this is a safe, stress-free way to learn how to handle and operate handguns.

Cost is $50.  If you take this class, I’ll take $25 off your SC CWP class tuition.

Contact me to let me know you’re coming or if you need more information.

Important Notice:  SC CWP

I’m seriously considering cutting back on SC CWP classes beginning the 1st QTR of 2016 so that we can devote more range time to our defensive handgun, shotgun and carbine classes.  Subject to change, but I’m thinking maybe one a quarter.

We have two SC CWP classes remaining in 2015:  6 & 7 NOVEMBER (this weekend) and 11 & 12 DECEMBER.   We have room in both.

If you want to train for your SC CWP with us, don’t put it off.

Defensive Carbine 2  – 14 & 15 NOV

The curricula for our carbine classes represent building blocks:

Basic Carbine Operator

BCO is almost 100% technical in nature.  The student learns the basics of weapon handling and marksmanship using the three standard positions – standing, kneeling and prone.  The emphasis is on technical perfection in the application of the fundamentals.  Speed is secondary.


Fighting techniques are introduced in Defensive Carbine 1.  Learning the proper balance between speed and a ‘just good enough’ application of the fundamentals is the goal.  DC1 is also where movement and use of cover is introduced.


Defensive Carbine 2 is the basic two person team tactics class.  Communication between team members is a critical skill.  Students learn the basic maneuver techniques – traveling, bounding and bounding overwatch.  Where the focus is on a defensive mindset in DC1, DC2 hammers aggression — closing with and killing the enemy.  It is the perfect class for the LEO preparing for an active killer scenario, the husband and wife getting ready for the coming America, or…  you get the drift.

Like all our defensive firearm classes, low light training will be conducted to end Day 1.

DC2 is a hard prerequisite for the UBC in December.

  • Cost:  $300 ($250 for Paladin alum / $150 for full-time LEO / $0 for active duty military and SCARNG)
  • Prerequisites:  DC1 or outside equivalent
  • Location:  Lake Darpo, Society Hill, SC
Contact me with questions.

Emergency Preparedness III

The next Emergency Preparedness meeting will be held Thursday, 19 NOV, from 7pm to 10pm.  As before, we will meet in the FBT Chapel.
Please let me know if you plan to attend so we can have the room setup properly.

Low Light Handgun

Our once a year LLH will be on Saturday, 28 NOVEMBER.  The class starts at 12 noon and ends approximately 12 midnight.  This should give us 5 hours plus of daylight to learn and rehearse low light handgun fighting techniques and about 6 hours in the dark to practice them.

I don’t know anywhere else you can get a dedicated low-light defensive handgun class, even though the odds are that you’re more likely to need a handgun at night, or someplace it’s dark, than in broad daylight where 99.9% of all training takes place.

Paladin has been conducting low light training in every defensive firearm class since our beginning in 2000.  We’ve learned a lot in that time.  Seriously consider this class.  Where else can you go to learn and practice low light techniques live fire?

A huge thank you to the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office for allowing us to push the training envelope.

  • Cost:  $200 ($175 for Paladin alum / $100 for full time LEO / $0 for active duty military and SCARNG)
  • Prerequisite:  Defensive Handgun 1 or outside equivalent
  • Location:  Lake Darpo, Society Hill, SC

Logo Caps Available

We’ve got another shipment of Port Authority ball caps in.   Choices are:
  • OD w/ full color logo
  • Khaki w/ full color logo
  • OD with black logo
All have the Paladin motto UTRINQUE PARATUS on the back.
Cost:  $20 (plus $5 shipping if applicable)


Price Increase in Effect 3rd QTR 2015

Street price first, followed by the discount for Paladin alumni:
  • Intro to Defensive Handguns (IDH) – $50 (no change)
  • Utah CWP – $75 / $50 (no change)
  • SC CWP – $80 (no change)
Note:  We’re considering teaching a combined SC / UT class at some point.

Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1)       $300 / $250
Defensive Handgun 2 (DH2)      $300 / $250
Low Light Handgun (LLH)          $200 / $175
Defensive Shotgun 1 (DS1)         $300 / $250
Basic Carbine Operator (BCO)  $250 / $175
Defensive Carbine 1 (DC1)          $300 / $250
Defensive Carbine 2 (DC2)         $300 / $250
Urban Break Contact (UBC)      $600 / $500

Full time LEO will still receive a 50% discount on defensive firearm classes.

Active duty military (including SCARNG / SCANG) will continue to get a 100% discount on all defensive firearm classes.

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