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Even though weather conditions were, frankly, terrible, because of the perseverance and great attitudes shown by the 8 students, the Ladies AR-15 class on 13 NOV was a big success.

The stated goal of the class we to get the students to the point they could pick up any AR-15, determine the status of it, load and unload it and get good hits with it out to 25 yards.  Experience levels ranged from none to attendance at previous carbine classes.  The student to instructor ratio was 2 : 1.

We spent the morning in the classroom going over the various controls, what they do and, even more importantly, how they do it, peeling away the layers of mystery and magic.  We covered lubrication…, what, where and how much.  We dealt with the few set up issues we came across. There weren’t many.

After lunch we put on the cold / wet weather gear and started shooting…, slowly, deliberately hammering in good technique.  The last couple of hours were spent shooting steel, working our way out from 10 yards, picking up the pace and developing confidence.  By cease fire at 4:30 pm, the students had fired, on average, 150 rounds.

All the instructors were extremely pleased with the gun handling and hits.  We want to do it again!

Ladies, if you want to learn how to defend your home and family with an AR, or if you want to just come hang out with the other ‘guys’ and have fun making steel ring, throwing sparks and feeling some recoil, please contact me.  You WILL get a good grounding in the fundamentals of operating an AR-15 and, as far as it depends on me, you WILL have a good time.

If you don’t have access to an AR, yet, we have a few loaners.  As before, female spouses of full time LE get a full scholarship.  A limited amount of ammunition is available for you on a first-come / first-served basis as well.

We’ll schedule another Ladies AR class when I feel the demand is there, so please let me know if you’re interested.

An observation…

The biggest problem we see female participants in a two day defensive carbine class have is due to heavy guns.  Too many doodads screwed to them, or the components are heavier or larger than they could be.

In my opinion, the only things an AR needs to be complete are a good two point sling, a mini-Red Dot Site and a light of at least 500 lumens.  That’s great, but it’s also a problem because that means there are three things an AR (any carbine) needs to be complete:  A good two point sling, a mini-RDS, and a light of at least 500 lumens.

See, all these things add weight… and even if it’s just ounces, ounces make pounds, and pounds make pain.  Take this into consideration when you’re buying or building an AR.  Perhaps consider a slender ‘pencil’ profile barrel instead of a government or, worse yet, HB profile. Maybe start saving for one of Bravo Company’s KMR  handguards (less than 6 ounces, only 1.5 inches OD, $275 and rarely in stock.).  Get on the notification list now.


Contact me if you have questions.  I’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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