Deposits / Cancellations

For our classes at Lake Darpo we have to arrange for the use of both the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) range and the Darlington County Recreation Department’s (DCRD) cabin.  In both cases we compete with others for that space.   So, when we reserve a weekend,  we’re impacting other people who may want the cabin or range.

DCRD has a policy that they be notified of cancellations at least two weeks before the requested date(s) or the requester loses their deposit.   Over the years, we’ve had to occasionally cancel a class at the last minute and DCRD has been very generous with us, because of our non-profit status, and returned our deposit even though we were within the two week period and they could have kept it.  In return, we’ve been very generous in returning deposits of students who have cancelled at the last minute.  If it doesn’t cost us anything, we’re not going to charge you anything.

Here’s the new policy:

If you want to seat in a class, you need to get me a deposit.  If I don’t get a deposit from you, I’m assuming you’re not coming.  That applies to everyone.  If I don’t have the required number of deposits when I reach the two week mark, I’m cancelling the class then and notifying DCRD and the DSCO in case others want to use either facility.  

This doesn’t mean that ALL reservations must be received more than two weeks before a class date.  It means I’m making the GO or NO GO decision for that class based on deposits I’ve received by the two week date.   If you find yourself suddenly able to attend a class inside the two week window, by all means contact me.  IF the class is meeting and IF there’s room available, I’ll gladly reserve a spot for you once I receive your deposit.

Obviously, if your situation changes and you have to drop out prior to the two week deadline, I’ll refund your payment or apply it to a future class, your choice.  After that, refunds will be decided on a case by case basis.

Again, this isn’t meant to be punitive to our students.  DCRD has a policy (for a reason) and this is what we have to do to operate within it.