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Urban Break-Contact

The purpose of UBC is to help the student develop the mindset, gun handling skills and tactics needed to successfully disengage from a numerically superior force in an urban environment. Think somewhere between WW-Z and Kyle Ritten-house.

It builds on the foundations we developed in DH1, DC1 and DC2, and those three classes (or their outside equivalents) are firm pre-requisites for attending UBC.

UPC presumes you have sense enough not to willingly drive into a situation full of ‘hostiles’, so participants are encouraged to begin each scenario in their normal everyday civilian clothes…in ‘mufti’. You will quickly learn how well your arrangement lends itself to being retrieved and put on quickly (and correctly) while under duress.

Day 1 is spent reviewing the basics covered in DH1, DC1 and DC2. Days 2 and 3 are spent working the various combinations available to an individual and team member to break contact, gradually building in difficulty and intensity.

It is NOT necessary that you attend with a team-mate. We’ll pair you up with another solo attendee or one of the Assistant Instructors.

The operating envelope for this class is Contact Distance to 100 yards.

UBC includes a low-light segment at the end of Day 1 and Day 2.

When: 18 – 20 FEB 2022
Where: Lake Darpo, SC
Start time: Sign in begins at 0830; class at 0900
Cost: $450
Prerequisites: DH1, DC1 and DC2 (all, or outside equivalents — ask)
Physical requirements: Moderate
Only US citizens are allowed to attend this class.

DH1 review topics include:
1. Standard firing positions
2. Movement – Lateral, turns and pivots left, right and to the rear
3. Working cover
4. Stoppages
5. Low light considerations

DC1 review topics include:
The same as DH1
Add transition to the Secondary

DC2 review topics include:
1. Movement – Add aggressing the Threat
2. Maneuver – Travelling, bounding overwatch
3. Intra-team communications – Problems posed by stress, problems posed by low light
4. Fighting from the defilade – Supporting fire

UBC topics include:
1. Vehicular ambush
2. Fighting from, around, and to get away from, a vehicle

Practical exercises include (All both day and low-light):
1. Dealing with multiple Threats and non-Threats at various distances; making use of cover, mobility, and standard and unconventional positions
2. Movement (Individual and team)
3. Stoppage reduction
4. Discrimination drills (shoot / no-shoot)
5. Inducing and mitigating physiological responses to stress (Noise and artificially induced tunnel vision)
6. Cross sector engagements

What to bring:
1. Good attitude

2. Carbine in 5.56 NATO or 7.62 x 39 equipped with a two-point sling
a. BUIS encouraged but not mandatory
b. RDS / LPVO encouraged but not mandatory
c. a high intensity weapon mounted light strongly encouraged but not mandatory

3. Magazines: However many you usually carry times two: Six minimum. Put your name on them.

4. 1000 rounds of carbine ammo (NO ‘Green Tip’)

5. Defensive handgun (9 x 19 minimum) and normal carry rig

6. Spare magazines: However many you usually wear times two: Four minimum. Put your name on them.

7. 500 rounds of jacketed factory handgun ammo

8. Handheld flashlight

9. Ear and wrap-around ANSI or Mil-spec rated eye protection

10. Baseball type cap (visor okay)

11. Lunch / snacks / water / electrolyte replacement / whine stoppers

12. CLM (clean, lubricate, maintenance) gear

13. Spare batteries, etc.

Optional, but recommended:
1. Trauma kit AND first aid kit

2. Bug spray / sunscreen / other seasonal issues

3. Rain gear – Training continues in the event of rain.

4. Note taking stuff  This is important!

5. Folding chair

If you’ll be travelling from out of town, ask me about the Paladin discounts offered by the local Marriott hotels.

Make sure you bring whatever you’ll need during the day (like lunch). There are no eating establishments nearby.

Hope you can make it.
Steve / 843-618-1381

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