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1. DH.5, 8 OCT

We still have room in the one day defensive handgun class scheduled for 8 OCT.


Lake Darpo, SC

8 OCT from 830 am to NLT 830 pm

Full details here:

This is a ‘grant’ class, so we’re paying $100 of the normal $200 tuition.  We pay half, you pay half.

We’re also providing 100 rds of 9mm or .40 S&W toward the class ammo requirement.

This is a finite amount so eventually we’re going to run out.  The earlier you can sign up, the more likely we are to have 100 rds of ammo with your name on it.  If we do run out, I’ll do my best to notify those effected, but you should come with the full ammo requirement.  Hopefully you’ll be able to take most of that home at the end of class.

2. DC1, 22 – 23 OCT

Full details here:


3.  Having some issues with the website that are preventing me from changing SOME content.  Our Voodoo Witch Doctor is working on it as we speak trying to remove spells.  Or something.

Here’s one thing I have been able to do:  .


Hope to see you in a class soon.  Time’s short, I think.  People I trust are warning of severe food shortages in a few months.  None of us here know the kind of desperation that situation causes in a man or woman watching their kids starve.  I figure we have two missions in that scenario:

1. Protect your family from desperate people

2. Don’t become one of the desperate people

Also, we’re looking at potential unrest associated with the upcoming mid-terms.

We live in interesting times.

Stay sharp and BECOME PART OF A TEAM!  Make it happen!

Utrinque Paratus




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