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Terry Gainey and I will be doing a one day 8 hour SC CWP class on Saturday, 23 FEB at Lake Darpo, 4900 North Governor Williams Hwy, Society Hill, SC.

Start time is 8:30 am. We expect to finish around 5:30 or 6 pm. Cost is $80.

The $80 fee includes training, fingerprinting, all paperwork and a pre-addressed envelope to SLED. It does not include the $50 application fee SLED charges.

Good news: SLED has partnered with Identigo to handle the fingerprinting and application processing. Identigo will transmit your fingerprints electronically to the FBI center in WV, taking SLED out of the loop, and drastically speeding up the process. According to SLED, you can expect your permit in 3 weeks instead of the usual 3 months if you choose to use this service. More good news is that SLED is absorbing the cost of the service and the application fee is still $50.

There is an Identigo location in Florence, Hartsville and Chesterfield. We can give you the addresses at the class.

You may elect not to take advantage of this service and we’ll fingerprint you the old fashioned way if you like.

These are the required subjects that we’ll cover in the class:

  1. Statutory and case law regarding deadly force
  2. SC laws governing firearms and concealed weapon permits
  3. Proper firearm storage practices that deny access to children
  4. Prohibited carry locations
  5. Liability and responsibility issues relating to firearms
  6. Proper interaction with Law Enforcement Officers
  7. The four general firearm safety rules
  8. Handgun safety, manipulation and operation
  9. Basic handgun marksmanship
  10. Proper concealment techniques and drawing from concealment
  11. Qualification on the range with the Instructor

We also provide training here:

  1. The kinesiology of an efficient drawstroke followed by dry and live fire reps working on safety and speed when drawing and safe holstering
  2. Supervised dry and live fire practice reps working on the marksmanship fundamentals and training for the qualification course

What you need to bring:

  1. SCDL – Make sure the address and all information is current and correct.
  2. Handgun and holster – If a semi-automatic, bring ALL the magazines for that gun.
  3. 100 rds of factory ammunition
  4. Ear and wraparound ballistic eye protection
  5. Ball cap or visor
  6. Concealment garment – Just something to hide the holstered gun while you’re wearing it.
  7. Sturdy belt – Make sure your pants have belt loops!
  8. Notebook and pen. Highlighter is a good idea, too.
  9. Lunch, snacks, etc. We’ll have a working lunch and there will be NO opportunity to go out to eat.

If you’re lacking any of the above, even a suitable handgun, check with us before spending a bunch of money on something. Odds are good we can loan you what you need at no additional charge.

There will be at least one instructor for every four students while on the range.

We are not ‘CWP Instructors’. We are defensive firearm trainers that also teach a CWP class. We work hard to provide the very best SC CWP class in South Carolina. Our failure rate is very low, due to quality and thoroughness of instruction AND hard work by our students.

If you pass both the written and range tests, at the end of the class we’ll hand out Paladin Training decals to those that want one. You can display it with pride, and our thanks, because it wasn’t given to you… you earned it.

A deposit of $40 is required to lock in your seat. You can reserve a spot in the class using the PayPal button on the website or directly thru PayPal to

If you have any questions or concerns, call Terry at 843-496-3415 or me at 843-618-1381. You can also reach me at

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