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Less than two weeks to UBC XIII and we’ve got room for another two-person team.  If you are planning to attend, contact me ASAP @ steve@paladintraining.com.

If you’re new to the newsletter, UBC stands for Urban Break Contact.  It’s a scenario-based class. Caught in a disturbance (or worse) in an urban area, you’re trying to drive out of the situation and your vehicle becomes disabled. The safest course of action appears to be travelling on foot back to a safe(r) area. UBC is about how to do that and builds on the skills developed in DC1 and DC2.

We’ll cover possible actions necessary to get out of the vehicle and how to proceed on foot away from it.  We’ll have to clear corners, work from cover to cover, deal with possible and confirmed Threats as we encounter them, etc.  Urban combat with an emphasis on avoiding a fight.  Of course, it’s a gun class so sometimes that plan is not going to work.

Then we’ll add your Team Mate and do it over.

This year we’ve added a block of training for unarmed family members (UFM) in the event you have to move on foot with an unarmed spouse or child. For this inaugural class we’re limiting the number of UFM’s we’ll run through the scenario.  If you’re interested in observing this, email me at steve@paladintraining.com.

UBC 9 – 11 FEB 2024

Details at www.paladintraining.com/courses


We still have some grant money and intend to schedule free classes in the first quarter of 2024.  I’m thinking a Ladies One Day Defensive Handgun in late March and a Ladies One Day Defensive Carbine in early April.  Subject to adjustment.  Let me know what you think.

Book Recommendation

The Forge of Christendom – The End of Days and the Epic Rise of the West, Tom Holland

A fascinating and entertaining look at the church in the 900’s and its development into a muscular, militant and aggressive faith, very different from the soft, defensive, and largely ineffectual church we have today.  As Christianity faces seemingly ever strengthening opposition, it might be helpful for the Western Believer to know its roots in the west.

That’s all for now.  Keep developing your team!



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