Defensive Carbine 2 (DC2)


DC2 is a two-day, 2-person team tactics class.  Its purpose is to provide the student with the skills needed to take maximum advantage of a team-mate and also deal with the complications inherent to being part of a team.  Drills include scenarios where both members are active (fire-team) and where one member is passive (protector & principal).  There is also a block on ‘buddy aid’.

We consider it an intermediate level carbine class.  DC1 (or outside equivalent) is a pre-requisite. The DC2 student should already be familiar with:

  1. Weapon nomenclature, function and controls
  2. Lubrication and maintenance procedures
  3. Fundamentals of combat marksmanship
  4. Stoppage reduction (reloading & clearing malfunctions)
  5. Standard shooting positions (standing, kneeling & prone)

DC2 builds on the DC1 curriculum and adds the following:

  1. Use of cover
  2. Individual movement techniques
  3. Team communication
  4. Team movement techniques

Solo students are welcome!  We’ll pair you up with another solo student or one of the instructors.  This is not necessarily a bad thing as the ability to sync up with another law abiding citizen or LEO and form an ad hoc team might one day be a life-saver.

If you’re not currently part of a team, we would urge you to start that process.

DC2 is a prerequisite for Urban Break Contact (UBC).


You must be a US Citizen to take this class. 

Dates: 19 – 20 NOV 2022

Location:  Lake Darpo, 4900 North Governor Williams Hwy., Society Hill, SC

Prerequisite training:  DC1 (or equivalent:  call)

Physical requirements:  Moderate

Cost:  $300 individual or $550 per couple / 2 person team

($100 deposit per person is required.  PayPal OK [button below] or send personal check or money order.)

  1. Full-time LEO $0; Active duty mil & SCNG $0 (limited to space available)

Duration:  20 hrs

Start / Stop Times:  Day 1 is 8:30 am – 9 pm / Day 2 is 9 am – 5 pm (Registration begins 8:00 am Day 1)

Equipment Requirements:

  1. Carbine w/ sustainment equipment & supplies (cleaning kit, lube, spare batts, etc.)
  2. Quality two point sling (NO single point slings unless an agency or department requirement)
  3. Six magazines (min) and the ability to carry at least one of them on the body (Magazines should have some form of ID on them so they can find their way back to you)
  4. 500 rds carbine ammunition (call if you have M855 / Green tip).
  5. Usual defensive handgun setup for CWP holders (NO Blackhawk SERPAs [or any other holster requiring trigger finger involvement in defeating retention]  unless an agency or department requirement)
  6. 50 rds handgun ammunition
  7. Tactical flashlight (weapon mounted preferred, but bring what you’ve got)
  8. Safety gear (ball cap, ear pro and ANSI or mil-spec rated wraparound eye pro).
  9. Lunch, snacks, meds, whine stoppers, etc.
  10. Hydration (electrolyte replacement strongly recommended to supplement your water)

     Optional stuff:

  1. Bug spray, sunscreen, other seasonal equipment
  2. Rain gear (training will continue in the event of rain)
  3. Note-taking gear
  4. Folding chair
  5. Elbow / knee pads
  6. IFAK / ITK (Individual first-aid kit / Individual trauma kit)

Training Outline:

  1. Firearm safety & range emergency procedures
  2. Review: Nomenclature, function and controls
  3. Review: Lubrication and maintenance procedures
  4. Review: Fundamentals of combat marksmanship and the 36 yard zero
  5. Review: Standard shooting positions (standing, kneeling & prone)
  6. Review: Stoppage reduction (reloading & clearing malfunctions)
  7. Zeroing (100 YL)
  8. Review: Scanning, use of cover and other tactical considerations
  9. Review: Threats left, right and to the rear
  10. Individual movement techniques
  11. Team communications
  12. Team maneuver
  13. Low-light techniques and tactics
  14. Low-light exercises
    • Discrimination (Threat ID / shoot v. no-shoot): Individual and team
    • Clearing malfunctions
    • Team Maneuver

End of Day 1

Day 2

  1. AAR
  2. Review
  3. Unconventional shooting positions
  4. Drills: Two person team scenarios
  5. CSAT Patrol Rifle Standard

End of Day 2


Out of town students:  Marriott Springhill Suites, 2670 Hospitality Blvd., Florence, SC / 843-317-9050 provides a substantial ‘Paladin’ discount.

While the curriculum is geared toward the AR platform, AK’s, Mini-14’s, basically any magazine fed semi-auto based on a military platform will work and provide a good training opportunity.

Call if you have questions about your rifle, gear, etc.  PLEASE DON’T GO BUY SOMETHING EXPENSIVE FOR THE CLASS WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH US!

Any questions, contact Steve Cooper @ / 843-618-1381

Paladin Training, Inc.

POB 12752

Florence, SC 29504

Paladin Training is a public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3).  Our mission is to provide world-class crime prevention & homeland security training to law-enforcement, military, and – America’s original first responders – the armed private citizen.