Terry Gainey

Instructor Certifications

  • South Carolina Concealable Weapon Permit (SLED)
  • Revolver (SCCJA)
  • Auto-Pistol (SCCJA)
  • Shotgun (SCCJA)
  • Firearms Training Systems (F.A.T.S.) (SCCJA & Midlands Technical College)
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT Management Systems)
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense (PPCT Management Systems)
  • OCAT (Pepper Sprays) (SCCJA)
  • Defensive Tactics (SCCJA)

Specialized Training

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction & Anti-Terrorism Awareness (Texas A&M)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (First Responder, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Anniston, AL)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Advanced Operations (Auburn University)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Advanced Operations (Center for Domestic Preparedness, Anniston, AL)
  • SRT Level I (Mid Atlantic Narcotics Training Academy, (Ft. Fisher, North Carolina)
  • SRT Level II (Mid Atlantic Narcotics Training Academy, Ft. Fisher, North Carolina)
  • SWAT Sniper (Chandler-Reifinger Sniper School, Jacksonville, NC)
  • Tactical Response to Active Shooters (James Murray, Esquire, Pensacola FL)
  • Ballistic Shield (Southeastern SWAT Training & Competition)
  • Street Survival (Caliber Press)
  • Glock Pistol Armorer (Glock, Smyrna, Georgia)

Investigative Certifications

  • White Collar Crimes (FBI)
  • Financial Crimes (FBI)
  • Asset Forfeiture and Seizure (FBI)
  • Criminal Investigations (SCCJA)
  • Drug Enforcement (DEA & SLED)
  • At-Scene Accident (SCCJA)
  • Crime Scene (SCCJA)
  • Venerable Adult Abuse (SCCJA)
  • Narcotics Investigations (SCCJA & Florence – Darlington Technical College)
  • Advanced Domestic Violence (Duluth Model) (Minneapolis, MN)