Kerry Alzner

Summary of Qualifications

  • Served 25 plus years with the U.S. Army; 15 plus years Special Forces as a weapons/intelligence NCO.
  • Certified Fire Arms, Driving, Survival and Force Protection Instructor,
  • Concealed Carry Handgun instructor North Carolina
  • Combat experience
    • Military: Grenada, Haiti
    • Contractor: Iraq, Afghanistan, African Continent.
  • Current Unarmed and Armed NC Security qualified Jan 2018-Jan 2019.


Civilian Education

  • NC PPSB Unarmed Security and Armed Security certificates Pistol/Revolver, Shotgun. 19 Jan 2019
  • American Heart Association First Aid certification course; Nov 2019-Nov 2021
  • Crane Joint Special Operations Armors course Nov 2014
  • O’Gara Train the Trainer (DoS Instructor) course Nov 2010
  • CCJA High Risk Contractor (Overseas preparation/Personnel Security Detachment refresher) Course May 2010
  • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor Course: Apr 2009
  • North Carolina DOJ Concealed Carry Handgun Certified Instructor: Aug 2008
  • TATE Instructor Candidate Course: Aug 06
  • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Precision Rifle Instructor Course: Jun 2006
  • BSR Security Driver Training Instructor qualified: Mar 2006
  • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Pistol/Shotgun Instructor Course: Mar 2006
  • Telemus Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment Course: Feb 2006
  • Federal Bureau Investigation Overseas Survival Awareness/Terrorist Surveillance Detection Program: Jan 2006
  • MVM High Risk Close Protection Course. Aug 2005
  • Triple Canopy High Risk Dignitary Protection Training Oct 2004
  • Blackwater Personnel Security Detachment assessment Feb 2004


Military Education

  • USAJFKSWC Certified Instructor Resistance Training Laboratory (RTL) SERE Camp MacKall NC Feb 2021
  • US Coast Guard, Special Mission Training Course, High Risk Training Instructor: Dec 2019
  • High Risk Personnel course (Marine concealed carry pistol course): Aug 2006
  • Special Forces Advance Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course SFARTAC (SF CQB): Sept-Nov 2000
  • Special Operations Training Group Marine Urban Sniper Course: May 2000
  • Survival Escape Resist and Evade Course (SERE Level C): June-July 1999
  • Anti-terrorist Instructor Qualification Course: Apr 1998
  • Instructor Training Course: June 1996
  • Individual Terrorism Awareness Course (INTAC): Apr 1996
  • Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (Special Forces Sniper): Jun-July 1992
  • Special Forces Qualification Course (Weapons): Jun 1989
  • 82nd ABN Jump Master Course: July 1986
  • 82nd Airborne RECONDO course: May 1985
  • ARITC Survival Course (Alaska): Jan 1985
  • ARTIC Winter Warfare course (Alaska): Nov 1983
  • US Army Jungle Operations Warfare course: 1984
  • US Army Jump School: Nov 1982
  • Ranger school: Jul-Oct 1982


Professional Experience  

1 September 2020 – 26 Oct 2021           TSI/PD Systems USAJFKSWC SERE instructor RTL Role player,

  • Camp Mackall NC, Role player for Resistance Training Lab Instructing Soldier how to survive/Escape/Resist when held as a P.O.W., Hostage Dentation, Peacetime Government Detention.


July 23 2019 –1 September 2020          Metris Global LLC, U.S. Coast Guard SMTC Tactical Operations Instructor.

  • Train USCG personnel in Combat Marksmanship Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Close Quarters Battle skills, Ship boarding.


Oct 2015-Present,           PAE    GPOI (Global Peace Operations Initiative) Africa Continent (Tanzania, Benin, Senegal, Togo, Burkina Faso Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Rwanda, Niger)

  • Senior Soldier Skills Instructor, Training United Nations (UN) Peace keeping forces, military skills, counter terror operations, Convoys, Small unit tactics, map reading, Company Grade Officers and NCO leadership, weapons handling/maintenance, UN rules of engagements, Driver’s training. Security Check point/Entrance Control Points, Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED), Force Protection, Vehicle and Personnel searches, Crew Served Weapons, Mortars, Personnel Security Detachment operations.


Jan 2018-June 2018.    NEK/CUBIC/Valiant Part Time On Call Instructor SERE Instructor course developer.  Romania.

  • Established the Romanian Special Forces Survival, Escape, Resist and Evade. (S.E.R.E) course. Trained and certified Romanian Special Forces Instructors in teaching S.E.R.E techniques. Wrote the Period of Instructions for the Field Skills classes (Shelters, Fire making, Water procurement, Traps and Snares, Improvised weapons, tools and signaling)


June 2016-Dec 2017, ITA International, Navy EOD Combat Shooting and Tactical Vehicle Operations Instructor      Ft Pickett/Blackstone VA

  • Trained US Navy personnel in Combat Marksmanship Rifle, Pistol, Crew Served Weapons, Basic Patrolling, Small Unit and Urban tactics, Close Quarters Battle skills, tactical Convoy operations, Land Navigation, Escape and Evasion recovery.


16 Oct 2013-22 Feb 2014   Silverback7/BAE systems    SOFFTT Weapons New Equipment Trainer    Afghanistan

  • Conduct New Equipment Training (NET) for receiving Combatant Units in classroom and live fire ranges, provide range support for Special Operations Forces Peculiar weapons, FLIR and NVG Observation systems. Conduct Technical Inspections and repair of the above-named systems.


Mar 09- May 2013  Government Training Institute Adjunct Instructor (On call)    Denmark SC

  • Instruct Law Enforcement and Military personnel in Close Quarters Battle, Active shooter situations, Combat Marksmanship with Patrol Rifle, Pistol and shotguns, Breaching using both mechanic and explosive techniques, Rappelling, and hostage rescue, Certifying personnel in Anti-terrorism/Force Protection Vulnerability assessments.


4 Jan 08-30 June 2008     NEK   JIEDDO Counter IED Specialist Baghdad Iraq

  • Counter-IED Combat (human) Tracker. Tracked persons who have planted IED/EFPs. Worked in concert with tracker dogs, and provided security. Photographed and gathered evidence. Complied TTPs of enemy IED employment.
  • Provide Direct Security over watch for Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT).
  • Provided counter IED and firearms training for Team members and US Army members assigned.


4 Aug 07-14 Dec 07           Triple Canopy        Guard Force Site Supervisor    Baghdad Iraq

  • Conducted vulnerability assessment of facilities to be guarded to improve the security posture.
  • Planned and supervised the emplacement of security forces for the venues assigned to protect.
  • Planned, organized and oversaw the Security post Emergency Action Plans for direct fire, indirect fire, Vehicle-Born Improvised explosive device attack and Breaches of the perimeter.
  • Instructed Ugandan Guards on Use of Force, Rules of engagement and escalation of force procedures, employment of the PKM MG and AK-47. The searching of vehicles and personnel and their bags/packages, controlling detained personnel, Emergency 1st Aid & CASEVAC.


2 Mar 2007-27 April 2007           GDIT SERE-C Instructor  Ft Rucker AL

  • Instructed soldiers how to employ helicopter rescue/extraction devices
  • Instructed Soldiers in negotiating barriers to escape: Wire fences, walls, buildings, roof tops, tunnels ect..
  • Instructed Soldiers on Short Range Marksmanship with M4 rifle and M9 pistol.
  • Performed as lane safety for live fire break contact drills, maneuver in buddy teams (fire & move).
  • Instruct soldiers in partisan and Special Forces link ups, how to handle contact with local population for assistants, while escaping and evading.
  • Conduct roll up of students for the Resistant Training lab as OPFOR.


3 Jan 06-Sept 30 2006, General Dynamics Anti-Terrorist Training Detachment, USAJFKSWCS, Ft Bragg NC

  • Instructor of Individual Anti-terrorist Awareness Course, Anti-terrorist Instructor Qualification Course.
  • Instructed students in; Bomb detection, Detection of Terrorist surveillance, Individual Protective measures, and Hostage Survival, Site Threat and Evasive Driving Techniques/ramming
  • Instructed and certified students in Force Protection issues and Vulnerability assessment (CARVER)
  • Instructed students in Methods of Instructions. (AIQC, Instructor certifications)
  • Instructed students in Defensive Shooting techniques, Basic Firearms training with M9 pistol and foreign Rifles, SMGs and pistols.


Personnel Security Consultant

10 May 05-15 July 05        United States Investigation Service Instructor/Mentor Iraq Police ERU BIAP Iraq

20 Nov 04-20 Feb 05        Triple Canopy; Kirkuk Iraq.

2 Feb 04-21 June 04         Blackwater Security Consultants; Ah Samawah, Baghdad, Karbala Iraq.

  • As a Personnel Security Consultant Mr. Alzner preformed the following duties: Body Guard/Force Protection, Site Security & Vulnerability Assessment. Instructor of Combat Techniques.


Military experience: Jun 1978-Apr 2004

Jan 2003-Apr 2004:  Special Warfare Center Instructor (Special Forces Qualification course)

Jan 2000-Dec 2002:  Senior Weapons NCO Sniper/Assaulter/Assist Operations  CIF C-1-1 Special Forces Group (A)

Jun 1997-Jan 2000:  Senior Weapons SGT/Operations and Intelligence SGT, 1st Special Forces Group (A)

Jun 1996-Jun 1997:  Senior Instructor Jungle Operations Training center

Feb 1988-Jun1996:  Senior Weapons SGT/Assist Operations SGT 3rd Special Forces Group (A)

Jun 1978-Feb 1988:  Infantry, 101st, 3rd ID, 9th ID, 82 ABN DIV.

Infantrymen Team leader, Squad leader, platoon SGT. Mortar section SGT, Anti-tank section Leader