17 APR 2018

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Hope you and your team are doing well and continuing to train and get ready.

I. DC1

The Defensive Carbine 1 class scheduled for 5 & 6 MAY is filling out nicely.  Ladies, looks like the class will be about half female.

If you need the prerequisite DC1 to attend DC2 and UBC later in the year, try to make it happen because this will likely be our last DC1 for 2018.

Equipment list, etc. at www.paladintraining.com/courses.  Let me know if you have questions.


If you’ve taken a class with Paladin, please go to Paladin’s Facebook page and leave a review of your experience.  A page ‘like’ would be appreciated as well.

I don’t know why I never thought to ask this before.


Getting more requests for our church safety training.  We’ve added an interesting training block on spotting attempts at deception by people you’re greeting.

If you’d like me to come to your church and discuss crime prevention or do some training for your Safety Team, or just want to talk about what we can do for you, contact me at steve@paladintraining.com.

Stay sharp!





  Comments: 2

  1. Steve has the heart of a teacher, and really knows his stuff. I enjoy training with him.

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