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Basic Defensive Pistol (BDP)

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor via the Coastal Community Foundation of SC, Paladin Training is able to offer a limited number of one-day, no-cost firearm training classes for new shooters. Both tuition and ammunition requirements have been met by the grant and will be waived until the grant is depleted.

Interpretation: The class is free and we provide all the ammo for it.

Purpose of Basic Defensive Pistol (BDP)
This class is geared toward the new or prospective owner of a defensive handgun and is designed to help establish a proper foundation in handling and marksmanship skills.

The larger purpose of the class is to help good people meet their moral responsibilities regarding the protection of innocent life.

At the conclusion of this training, the student will have:
1. The correct foundation upon which to further develop marksmanship skills;
2. The ability to efficiently reduce stoppages when they occur and keep the gun running;
3. The administrative skills necessary to competently handle the handgun;
4. The knowledge to properly clean, lubricate and maintain the handgun.

Training Outline
1. Safety & Emergency Procedures
2. Nomenclature, function cycle and controls
3. Overview of lubrication and maintenance procedures
4. Natural Point of Aim
5. Fundamentals of combat marksmanship
6. Stoppage reduction
7. Use of cover
8. Discussion: Legal v. Moral; Right v. Responsibility; Mindset

Admin Stuff
Date: Saturday, 29 JAN 2022
Location: 402 SC 576, Marion, SC (from Florence, 1.4 miles past the Beneteau Boat factory. Look for the Paladin sign.)
Cost: $0 (normally $150)
Prerequisite training: None
Physical requirements: Light
Start / Stop Times: 9:00 am – Dusk (Registration begins 8:30 am)

Important Notices!
We reserve the right to withhold training.
We may request that you provide us with a character reference.

Equipment Requirements
1. Defensive handgun in 9 mm Parabellum (We have loaners. Let us know
you’ll need one ahead of time.)
2. Holster and one mag carrier
3. Gun belt (pants must have belt loops)
4. Concealment garment (jacket, vest, etc.)
5. Up to 200 rds of ammunition (PROVIDED)
6. Three magazines (min) and the ability to carry at least one reload on your body
7. Safety gear (ball cap, ear pro and ANSI or mil-spec rated wraparound eye pro)
8. Lunch, snacks, meds, whine stoppers, etc.
9. Hydration (electrolyte replacement strongly recommended to supplement your water)

Optional stuff
10. Bug spray, sunscreen, other seasonal equipment
11. Rain gear (training will continue in the event of rain)
12. Note-taking gear
13. Folding chair
14. Sun canopy

Be prepared to eat lunch at the range.
Space is limited.

I recommend you talk with me before you purchase something expensive for the class.

If you want to reserve a spot or have questions, contact me at or 843-618-1381.

Paladin Training, Inc.
POB 12752
Florence, SC 29504

Paladin Training is a public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Our mission is to provide world-class crime prevention & homeland security training to law-enforcement, military, and – America’s original first responders – the armed private citizen.

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