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Paladin Training News

We’re looking for a range!

As those of you from the Pee Dee know, Darlington County has a new sheriff, and we’re still waiting to hear from him whether or not we’ll be allowed to continue to use the SO range at Lake Darpo. Until we get that permission, or find another facility, firearm training is on hold, at least for group classes. Individual training is still a possibility.

We don’t need a lot of land. The footprint can actually be quite small; less than 10 acres would do it. But, what is critical is a buffer zone around the land that’s free of people that would complain about noise. That’s especially important if we’re to continue offering low light training throughout the year.

If you can help us, or know someone who can, please contact me.

New Classes Scheduled Soon

We expect to be scheduling a few carbine and handgun classes at Sandhill Shooting Sports near Lugoff, SC. If you’re from over that way and are willing to provide a testimonial for marketing purposes, please contact me using the link above.

Best Time to Buy

If you’ve been planning to get an AR15 or AK47, etc., I can’t remember a better time to purchase one. I’m sure you know why. I look at the next four to eight years NOT as a time to relax, but as a little extra time to prepare. Not a pardon, but a reprieve. I highly recommend you consider that.

Front Sight Arms Co

If you’re in the Pee Dee, please consider my friend Jason Cox at Front Sight Arms Co in Effingham. Jason has been willing to invest the time necessary to research and meet some unusual equipment requests from me.

Ogburn Combat Development

Another good friend and Paladin student Jamie Ogburn has opened Ogburn Combat Development. Jamie specializes in building long range precision rifles, but also works on AR’s and handles transfers. And, unlike many who ‘gunsmith’ locally, Jamie is actually a trained, full time machinist by occupation. Jamie has done work for me and it’s always been to my satisfaction.

New Website Coming Soon

The new website should be up next week. That this process has been so long drawn out and painful is nobody’s fault but mine!


That’s all for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Paladin Training and your willingness to stand on the firestep with us. Please don’t forget Item 1 above, and PLEASE continue to train and develop your team!

Contact me if you have any questions.


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