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At the end of this month we’re conducting a TAC class, an intermediate level carbine class that focuses on team tactics and other fighting carbine skills.  A more thorough description is below, but I want to talk a moment about the importance having a team.


If you’re not part of a team, I would strongly encourage you to work on that deficiency and I wouldn’t put it off.  Winston Churchill was asked what he would name WW-II and he replied, ‘The Avoidable War’.  All the signs of what he called ‘the gathering storm’ were there and no one took the decisive steps, the hard action necessary to prevent it.  But, at some point, history’s most avoidable war became unavoidable.


Now, what many people are calling history’s most avoidable economic collapse appears imminent.  Like in 1930’s Europe, all the signs are there and no one is taking the decisive, hard, unpopular actions necessary to prevent it.  Have we reached the stage where it’s unavoidable?   Many people believe so.  I’m one of them.  If I’m right, YOU DO NOT WANT TO TACKLE WHAT’S COMING BY YOURSELF.


For a team to be successful, the team members need to have a certain mindset.  This does NOT come naturally for Americans who are raised to value the individual over all else.  Those of you who have been part of the armed forces, primarily in a combat arms MOS, know what I’m talking about.


Listen, we’re not choosing sides for a street basketball game where failure means injured pride or loss of bragging rights.  No, we’re talking about learning the steps of an intricate dance where a miss-step can get our partner hurt or killed… maybe by our own hands!


Really, for most of us, we’re talking about developing the people we’re already tied to (or stuck with) into a unit.  Unit means ‘one’.  Your team should think and act like one body.  A ‘team’, in the correct sense of the word, takes shared experiences and training to develop.

This doesn’t happen overnight.  


Team-mates are a necessity.  They take time to find and develop.  Start now.


Train hard, put God first!




BDH this Saturday and Sunday – Seats available!

We have openings in the Basic Defensive Handgun class scheduled for this weekend.  The full details on what  you need to bring and what to expect can be found on our Course Schedule.


Click on the date and open the file ‘BDHJUN2012’.


FAQ:  Can I attend just the first day?

A:  Yes!


We cover all the critical, fundamental stuff on Day 1, including the so very important low-light training that evening.  Day 2 is primarily spent on drills that incorporate the techniques covered on D1.

A deal…

Day 1 is about 12 hours long in the summer and Day 2 only 8, but the fee for attending just the Saturday session is half the fee for attending both days.

If your training or personal practice sessions to date have never included movement or engaging threats to the sides and rear, you should seriously consider attending this class.

TAC:  What’s a TAC and why should I care?

‘TAC’ is the abbreviation for our Tactical Carbine class which we do about once a year.  While our Basic Defensive Carbine class introduces the student to the fundamentals of hitting the target and keeping the gun running, TAC builds on that by adding team tactics, use of cover, unconventional fighting positions, etc.  In other words, BDC is about keeping the gun running and hitting the target (technical stuff) and TAC is about fighting with the gun (tactical stuff).


A lot of time is spent helping partners develop the team skills and mindset.


Of course we’ll spend some time revisiting the fundamentals on Day 1.  We never stray far from the basics.  Students can expect to come away from the two days with not only a better understanding of the ways with which to fight with the carbine, but the ability to shoot more accurately and faster as well.


The next TAC is scheduled for 23 & 24 June at Lake Darpo.  We still have room.  Because this is an instructor heavy class fees start at $300.  The usual discount scheme is in effect:  LEO get a 50% discount and active duty military and SCARNG pay nothing.


Contact me if you have any questions or would like to sign up.

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