Edition 41

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I hope this finds you and your team well.

Please disregard the 2nd QTR 2013 schedule found in Edition 41 sent last month.  The revised schedule for the second quarter of 2013 is in the box to the left.

After numerous requests, two day classes in the 3rd QTR 2013 (July thru September) will return to the SAT / SUN format for that 3 month period only.

Train hard, put God first!



Range Day & UBC Standards

I will be manning the range on Friday, 26 APRIL from 9 am to 6 pm for any Paladin alumni that want some range time.

Shooting v. Working on gunfighting skills

Public ranges may provide a nice venue to ‘shoot’, but for good reasons, they usually don’t allow movement or work from a holster.  If you’ve been spending a lot of time training under those constraints, this is a good time to work on those two very critical areas and try to buff out any training scars you’ve picked up.


I will NOT be conducting training, but I will be acting as rangemaster / safety officer and doing what I can to keep the chaos to a minimum.


I WILL have some steel targets set up for your use.  You may also bring your own paper targets or you can use Paladin paper targets for .50 each.

Completed the UBC?

If you’ve completed our UBC class, from 6 pm to 8 pm the range will be open for you to run the UBC course of fire.  Bring your partner or we’ll pair you up.  If no one else is available, I’ll run it with you.


A donation to offset travel costs and cabin rental would be greatly appreciated but not necessary.


Please contact me to let me know if you intend to take advantage of either session so I’ll have an idea what to expect, attendance wise.

One Day Basic Defense Shotgun Next Weekend

Come train with us on Saturday, 27 APRIL.  The class will be held at Lake Darpo, Society Hill, SC and will run from 9 am to 9 pm.  There will be a night-fire session.


Contact me if  you’re interested so I can send you the details on what to bring, expect, etc.

About shotgun ammunition…

This is not meant to be a Universal Truth, but based on my experience, I have to conclude that most bird hunters don’t train for armed self-defense… at least not with a shotgun.  We have some in our classes, but compared to the bird and buckshot using hunting population, not very many.  I think this explains why, unlike centerfire and rimfire cartridges, shotgun ammunition is not currently in short supply.  I expect that to change.


If a shotgun is part of your defensive plan, take advantage of this oversight and stock up on the stuff before hunting season starts.  Expect to see shortages here, too, once the hunters start buying.  Don’t wait.

Legal Heat

Legal Heat has a useful app that will help you find gun laws of the different states while on the move.  It’s available for both I-Phones and Android systems.

Cost:  99 cents.


Check out:  www.mylegalheat.com

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