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I hope this finds you and yours well.

17 DEC will mark the one year anniversary of the surgery to repair my right rotator cuff.  I’m often asked about my progress.  I’m delighted to report that range of motion is back to 100%.  I’m back on free weights and probably stronger than before the injury.  Dr. Robert Elvington and the Pee Dee Orthopaedics rehab people did GREAT work.

Be alert!

Remember this is armed robbery season.  This time of year more people are out, tempers are short due to economic and other seasonal pressures, and it’s soon dark.  Add to that the general decline in civilized behavior and every day has the potential to turn epic.  Be careful out there.  Remember to maintain your situational awareness.  It’s your most important survival skill.

Be careful when in the proximity of a group of teenagers or young males.  Avoid them if at all possible.  Don’t be afraid, be ready.  Don’t worry about hurting feelings.  The knockout game is real.  A blow to the head can change, maybe end, your life.

We live in exciting times.


Caps are in!   I’ve got caps in your choice of three colors; olive green, charcoal and pink.  Both olive and charcoal have the subdued (black) logo.  The pink caps have a white logo.$15 plus any shipping where applicable.  Let me know if you want one @ Caps.  Please put CAP in the subject line.

Q:  Would you be willing to pay more for an American made cap?

Thought for the day

“The first shot fired is the most important shot fired.  The first shot fired must be on target.  Whether in training or on the two-way firing range, the first shot sets the tempo for all follow on shots.  It sets the tempo for the fight, and it may end the fight.”
Pat McNamara – T.A.P.S.
Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested.


Train hard; put God first!




The training schedule for 1QTR2014 is up.  It should also be on the calendar tomorrow.  The calendar will include a way to link to details on the specific classes.

Still in the works – a UTAH CWP for sometime in January.


Don’t forget you can purchase a gift certificate for any of our classes using the PayPal DONATE button here: Gift Certificate

From now until 24 DEC, when purchasing a Gift Certificate,take $10 off CWP tuition and $25 off any two day defensive firearm class.  If you use the link above, simply enter the amount where it asks.

When you make the donation, I need this information in the comments section:

  • The recipient’s name
  • Which class you’re purchasing the seat for
  • The address you would like the certificate mailed

Gift certificates are good for one year.

If you have any questions,  contact me.


We are starting a campaign to raise $2000 to purchase two pieces of equipment that will help us do a better job providing quality tactical training to law enforcement officers and private citizens; MGM Targets’ ATTACK Target and an LCD projector.


The LCD projector will greatly improve information flow during all classes and crime prevention seminars.  Sometimes you just need pictures.


Court decisions have mandated that, to be effective and reduce exposure to liability, tactical training for LEO’s should include low-light training, shoot / no-shoot scenarios and moving targets.  We do a good job on the first two, but have never been able to provide a moving target during live-fire.  The MGM ATTACK Target will allow us to meet that need.


It will be used in LE and civilian classes to reinforce the idea of getting off the ‘X’ and demonstrating the need for a fast presentation.  Another application:  Last issue the newsletter included a photo of a student engaging a static target from inside a vehicle during a BDH class.  Now imagine that same drill being run with the target running at you!


Here’s a short video of the ATTACK TARGET being set up and used:

Paladin Training has been designated a public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3).  All donations are tax-exempt and the benefit is local.  Please consider us when making your end of year donations.


You can make a donation via personal check to:

Paladin Training

POB 12752

Florence, SC 29504


You can also use the PayPal DONATE button here: DONATE

If you have any questions,  contact me.


I just received from Todd Matthews a new kydex OWB holster and dual mag carrier for my EDC gun, a Colt Lightweight Commander in .45 ACP .


I’ve been carrying this gun in a Blade Tech IWB for many years.  While it’s very concealable, I’ve never found it particularly comfortable.  Well, I’m paying the price for ignoring that discomfort all this time:  Recently, I started experiencing sciatica in my right leg.  I’m pretty certain it’s related to the IWB holster… which brings to mind that saying:  If you’re going to act dumb, you better be tough.


Happily, the Matthews OWB spreads the weight of the gun over a much wider portion of my waist and is very comfortable as well as concealable.  Retention is reliable on both the holster and mag carrier.  Both include a tension adjustment screw.

Compare the Matthews OWB to a Raven Concealment Light-compatible OWB below.


Raven Concealment (LEFT) vs Matthews (RT) Body side

Raven Concealment (LEFT) vs Matthews (RT) Out side

If you’re looking for a good custom kydex concealment holster, try Todd out.  He’s local, his prices are reasonable and turnaround time is much shorter than you’d normally get from one of the big name manufacturers.

Todd Matthews can be reached at fyrmedic114@gmail.com or 843-687-2994.


We police the Lake Darpo range of fired cases after each class.  Either the students do it immediately after the range session or, when time is short, I go another day.


Brass on the ground belongs to the shooter who shot it.  Common courtesy dictates we obtain permission from the owner before we take brass we didn’t fire.  Not everyone reloads, and if you don’t want your brass, feel free to ‘bequeath’ it to anyone that wants it.  It’s yours to do with as you please.


Please consider donating your brass to Paladin Training.  We sort it according to caliber and turn it in to Georgia Arms for credit towards the purchase of ammunition.


Sometimes this is the ammunition we provide to the  student that either didn’t bring enough, brought the wrong caliber or has had to change guns mid-class.


This is also where we get the ammunition we furnish, on a case by case basis, to individual law enforcement officers sent by their department to train with us.  Last month Paladin furnished two days of training and 400 rounds of 5.56 ammunition so a Deputy Sheriff could attend a Basic Defensive Carbine class.


Beginning in 2014, if you donate your brass to Paladin Training, we’ll issue you a receipt for it so you can claim the deduction at tax time.  I’m not sure yet if the form will have a dollar amount listed or will simply show the number of cases the class calls for.


I’ve decided to drop the old Carbine Cleaning & Maintenance Class (CCM) and incorporate a compressed version of that class into our introductory carbine class, Basic Carbine Operator (BCO).

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