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I hope you and your team are well.  I sincerely hope you are continuing to train and prepare.  Your enemy is.

I’ve updated the training calendar for the remainder of 2014.  The dates for October thru December are tentative.  Soon as I can get them confirmed I’ll put the word out so you can arrange your schedule, if necessary.  Also, please note changes / additions to the admin details at the bottom of the calendar to the left.

I’m sure you share my irritation at the pervasive use of the term ‘July 4th’ for this holiday.  I think it’s significant and by design, meant to water down the true meaning of the day.

‘July 4th’ is a date; ‘Independence Day’ is an event.  Hopefully, you and I are not simply enjoying a day off, but rather remembering, celebrating, and cultivating our fathers’ righteous spirit of rebellion against tyranny and oppression.  That spirit has never been more relevant than today.

May you and those important to you have a blessed and safe Independence Day!

Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested.

Train hard; put God first!



SC CWP 10 May 2014

New Class: LLH

Introducing LLH (Low Light Handgun).  Yes, after talking about it for years, I’m scheduling a dedicated low light class.

A little background

Paladin uses a low-light session to end Day 1 of EVERY defensive firearm class*.  As far as I  know, we’re unique in this.  During these low-light sessions we work on the following:  Stoppage reduction (malfunctions and reloads), decision making scenarios (shoot v. no-shoot), ambient and artificial light techniques and low-light tactics.

The problem

Being able to use a firearm effectively in low-light is a fundamental (not ‘advanced’) defensive skill.  By the end of the day, almost every student recognizes this.  The problem is, by the time it gets dark, we’ve had a pretty full day andeveryone, student AND instructor alike, is running out of steam both physically and mentally.  In all the years we’ve done this, I don’t think I’ve ever looked back on a low-light session with complete satisfaction from an instructor’s point of view.  Likewise, students almost universally regret they couldn’t give it 100%.

A solution

Enter LLH, a class focused solely on low-light issues; a class that will allow you to work on those issues while fresh and energized.  The first one is scheduled for Saturday, 30 AUGUST.  Start time is 6pm.  Stop time is NLT 3 am.  This will give us roughly 3 hours to meet the admin and safety requirements and work on the subjects listed above while it’s still daylight, followed by approximately five hours of low-light work.


Times will be adjusted in future classes for seasonal differences.


For both safety and quality, the class is limited to eight (8) students.  As with all classes, a 50% deposit will hold a seat for you.  The PayPal DONATE button at our home page is the easiest way to send the money.


Seats will be reserved as deposits are received.


Other details:

  • Cost – $150**
  • Prerequisite – Paladin DH1 (old BDH) or other equivalent

Contact me if you’re interested and I’ll send you the equipment list, answer any questions, etc.


*UBC has a low-light session at the end of both Day 1 and Day 2.

** All usual discounts apply:   

  • Paladin Alumni – $120       
  • Full-time LEO – $75
  • Active military (including USCG, SCARNG & SCANG) – $0

Thoughts on the rest of the year, or Where are all the handgun classes??

I had really hoped to do a one handed handgun class before the end of the year, but that’s not going to happen.  We need to start getting people brought up to speed for either the DC2 in November or December’s UBC, both of which have a training prerequisite of DC1.  Some people need CO1 in order to attend DC1.  We’re running out of months.


We haven’t done a DC2 (old ADC) in years.  Like UBC it’s a two-person team tactics class.  As I think about it, ‘DC2’ is really a misnomer:  It’s not a Defensive Carbine class; it’s an OFFENSIVE Carbine class.  In UBC you’re going to the rear, disengaging, getting away from BG’s.  DC2 is UBC in reverse; you and  your partner are aggressing BG’s… taking the fight to them.


The curriculum is much improved over the old version.  There is more emphasis on fire superiority, communication and movement techniques.  Read that as more shooting, more moving and better communicating.  Expect more in the way of artificial stress stimulation a la UBC.


We’ve made some meaningful revisions to the UBC curriculum making it more realistic and challenging.


Carbine ammo

The cost of ammunition is finally back to pre-panic levels.  Don’t put off stocking up.  Your goal should be to have more than you think you’ll ever use in two normal lifetimes (without going into debt!).  ‘Too much ammunition’ is the figment of a dreamer’s imagination.  You’re as likely to run over a Unicorn on South Irby Street as to have too much ammunition.

Support Paladin Training…

… Painlessly!

Amazon has a program called ‘Amazon Smile’ that allows you to support the charity of your choice.  Every time you purchase something online using Amazon, they will direct .5% of the purchase price to that charity.

Nothing is added to your purchase price.

The process is simple:  Go to www.smile.amazon.com and select ‘Paladin Training’ as your charity.  Thereafter, when you want to shop Amazon, return to that site rather than directly to Amazon.com.

According to Amazon, not every item on their site is eligible for the Smile program.  I haven’t bumped into anything yet that’s not.

A caution

If you go to www.amazon.com you’ll bypass the Smile page, so be sure to enter www.smile.amazon.com.  The easiest thing to do is download the Amazon Smile toolbar button so you’ll go to the right place.  We’ve also got it setup on our home page at www.paladintraining.com.

Please consider helping us with our mission of providing low & no-cost training to area law enforcement and our service men and women.

Paladin Training is a public charity under IRS guidelines 501(c)(3).  All donations are tax deductible.

SC CWP 11 & 12 July

  • We still have room in the SC CWP class scheduled for this coming weekend.  This will be the last SC CWP class until SEPTEMBER.
  • Cost:  $80
  • Location:
    • Friday – Marriott Residence Inn, Hospitality Blvd., Florence
    • Saturday – Lake Darpo, 4900 North Governor Williams Hwy, Society Hill, SC
Contact me for more details.

Utah CWP 5 August

  • Time:  6 pm – 10 pm
  • Cost:  $75
  • Location:  Southside FWB Church, 134 East McIver Road, Darlington
Contact me if you have questions or plan to attend.

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