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hope you and your team are well and continuing to prepare.  Recent events in Garland, TX and elsewhere continue to remind us that we can be called upon to demonstrate our resolve – whatever it is – and our skills – whatever they are – at any time.  None of us know when that day or that hour may come.

In my opinion, the unnamed Garland PD officer who did such an admirable job yesterday standing in the gap deserves more credit than he’s getting.  No, I haven’t heard any criticism.  His peers and superiors all have praised his skill with the handgun and their remarks usually include something like this, ‘He did just as he was trained’.

As a trainer I would never attempt to minimize the effect  good training can have — can have — on an outcome, but we have to give credit to the man (or woman) who actually puts that training to use.  To simply say, he did as he was trained’ and leave it at that is to reduce the officer’s achievement to the same level as a circus act.  No.  There has to be more to it.  Every officer of the Garland PD received the same training as this officer, but that doesn’t mean they were all capable of meeting the challenge as he did.

Being exposed to good training is not enough.  Working diligently to internalize it and make it part of your personality is the critical next step and doing that is largely the result of individual character.

So give the trainer’s their due, but give the man credit, too.  Good job, whoever you are.  You are the man.

Please continue to train and get ready; physically, mentally and spiritually!

Train hard!   Put God first!



Designated Marksman Class Update

The DM class is now full.  Scott and Ashton are still putting names on the standby list, so call one of them if you’re interested.
I’m sure this level of interest means there will be more of these classes in the future.

I continue to receive calls and e-mails asking for details on the class, so let me remind everyone:  I’m just a student in this class.  If you want to know more or see about getting on the standby list, contact Scott.

Basic Carbine Operator This Weekend!

We still have room in the BCO this weekend (FRIDAY & SATURDAY).  We’re in luck:  Looks like it may rain!  Some good training is going to take place.  Don’t miss it!
BCO is our entry level rifle / carbine class and a pre-requisite for the more advanced defensive carbine classes.

BCO is not a tactical class.  There is no night-fire segment nor do we usually include a block on transitioning to the sidearm.  BCO is purely about rifle marksmanship fundamentals.  While it’s geared toward the AR, the skills learned will translate to any rifle or carbine and are not AR specific.

Details on the class can be found here:  BCOLOI

Fundraiser 2015.1

  • Prize:  1 seat in any two-day defensive firearm class and 500 rounds of carbine ammunition (5.56 or 7.62 x 39)
    Cost per ticket:  $20
    Number of tickets:  50

The drawing will be held when the 50th ticket is sold.


Contact me for details.

Night Vision Class?

Let me know if you’re interested in a dedicated night vision class in mid-JUNE 2015.  Still working out the details with the instructor.

Price Increases in Effect 3rd QTR 2015

Street price first, followed by the discount for Paladin alumni:
  • Intro to Defensive Handguns (IDH) – $50 (no change)
  • Utah CWP – $75 / $50 (no change)
  • SC CWP – $80 (no change)
Note:  We’re considering teaching a combined SC / UT class at some point.
  • Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1)       $300 / $250
  • Defensive Handgun 2 (DH2)      $300 / $250
  • Low Light Handgun (LLH)          $200 / $175
  • Defensive Shotgun 1 (DS1)         $300 / $250
  • Basic Carbine Operator (BCO)  $250 / $175
  • Defensive Carbine 1 (DC1)          $300 / $250
  • Defensive Carbine 2 (DC2)         $300 / $250
  • Urban Break Contact (UBC)      $600 / $500
Full time LEO will still receive a 50% discount on defensive firearm classes.

Active duty military (including SCARNG / SCANG) will continue to get a 100% discount on all defensive firearm classes.

The Rest of the Year…

This is what we anticipate for the rest of the year:
AUG – No firearm classes

All subject to change, etc.

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