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I hope you and your team are well and continuing to prepare.   I believe time is short.

Below you’ll find an update on the Emergency Preparedness seminars first mentioned in the last newsletter.

There’s also exciting news about a much needed change to the Basic Carbine Operator curriculum.

In the ‘I never thought I’d say this’ category, check out the article below on a nice handgun drills Smartphone app I found.

We should be selling the last of the raffle tickets and close out Fundraiser 2015.1 very shortly.  Cost per ticket is $20 and only 50 tickets will be sold.  If you win, you get a seat in any two day defensive firearm class plus the ammo for the class.  This package can be worth up to $500.  Details below.

Lastly, consider this a gentle reminder to check out the link below in the REGULAR FEATURES section on talking to the police after a confrontation.  This is a subject you should freshen up on periodically.

Please continue to train and get ready; physically, mentally and spiritually!

Train hard!   Put God first!



Update: Emergency Preparedness

I had a good response to the idea of a series of meetings on emergency preparedness.  The first meeting will be held at Florence Baptist Temple in Florence on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening, starting at 7 pm and ending at 10 pm.

Other details I didn’t include in the initial announcement:
1. There is no charge.
2. Please invite anyone you know that might be interested.  Just give me an idea how many people you expect to bring.

I’ll finalize the details and give those who have expressed an interest a couple of weeks notice.

Pending Curriculum Change: Basic Carbine Operator

I hope to soon be able to conduct our BCO class at a 300 yard range.  Here’s the problem we’ve always faced conducting this class:  We’re trying to teach techniques that only reveal themselves to be useful beyond 100 yards on a 100 yard range.  Moving the targets out to 300 yards should add enough challenge that you won’t be able to get a hit unless you use good technique.

It’s hard to teach a proper prone technique at 100 yards when you don’t need to use good technique to hit the target.

Put another way…
Many of us don’t have the inner discipline to work toward Greatness when Mediocrity is all the situation requires.

Dry Practice App for Smartphones

I found a nice (read ‘simple’) app for my Smartphone that should prove useful for both dry and live handgun practice, DRY PRACTICE DRILL by Sartuga Software.

Dry Practice Drill is available in both a free and ‘PRO’ version that costs $2.99.  PRO is the way to go if you want to modify any of the times in the built-in drills or add new drills.

How it works

Let’s take the first drill on the menu, ‘From the Ready 5M’:
Hit the START button and a timer starts counting down to give you time to get settled.  This ‘prep time’ is programmable.  The default is 5 seconds.  At the end of the time, you hear an audible ‘READY!’, followed by a brief interval and then the start BEEP.  At the end of the par time (which is also programmable), the stop whistle tells you time is up.If you’re curious, par time for 2 shots into the chest, starting from the ready at 5 meters, is 1.40 seconds.

You can also program the number of times you want to perform a drill, from 1 to 20 iterations.

From play.google.com:

Dry Practice Drill is a timer designed for brushing up on handgun presentation and malfunction-clearing skills. This app could not be easier to use. Just select a drill and hit the big “Start” button.
For each drill, you will be given a few seconds to prepare, an audible “ready” warning, then a start tone. Each drill ends with the ring of a bell.
Version 3 has a “Pro” option that includes drill instructions and the ability to edit and create your own drills. Pro users can edit the drill list fully with no restrictions or limits.

I see 13 drills on the menu, some starting from the ready, some from a concealed holster, some work on reloads and some on clearing malfunctions.

Here’s the big thing

It’s simple to use and simple to modify.  Listen, I am technologically challenged and if I can figure this thing out on my own, anyone can.
Google ‘Dry Practice Drill Sartuga Software’.

Last SC CWP Class This Summer…

… is scheduled for 23 – 24 JULY.  This is a Thursday and Friday class.  We’re already about half full so get your deposit in soon to ensure you have a seat.  How to do that can be found down and to the left.  Remember we have a hard cut off at 14 students.

Details can be found here: SC CWPWe will not be conducting any outside firearms training in AUGUST.

Going to Georgia?

I frequently get questions about legal carry in Georgia.  I’m sure you know GA does not honor SC’s CWP.  Here’s a helpful website:   GEORGIA

This would be a good time to make a pitch for another very useful Smartphone app, LEGAL HEAT
You can check it out here:  HEAT

Fundraiser 2015.1

  • Prize:  1 seat in any two-day defensive firearm class and 500 rounds of ammunition.
  • Cost per ticket:  $20
  • Number of tickets:  50

The drawing will be held when the 50th ticket is sold.


Contact me for details.

Price Increases in Effect 3rd QTR 2015

Street price first, followed by the discount for Paladin alumni:
  • Intro to Defensive Handguns (IDH) – $50 (no change)
  • Utah CWP – $75 / $50 (no change)
  • SC CWP – $80 (no change)

Note:  We’re considering teaching a combined SC / UT class at some point.

Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1)       $300 / $250
Defensive Handgun 2 (DH2)      $300 / $250
Low Light Handgun (LLH)          $200 / $175
Defensive Shotgun 1 (DS1)         $300 / $250
Basic Carbine Operator (BCO)  $250 / $175
Defensive Carbine 1 (DC1)          $300 / $250
Defensive Carbine 2 (DC2)         $300 / $250
Urban Break Contact (UBC)      $600 / $500

Full time LEO will still receive a 50% discount on defensive firearm classes.

Active duty military (including SCARNG / SCANG) will continue to get a 100% discount on all defensive firearm classes.

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