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I hope you and your team are well and continuing to prepare.  2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

We’ve got room in the Defensive Carbine 1 class this weekend.  If you can’t make both days, no problem.  All the heavy lifting is done on Day 1 and you can train that day with us for 60% of the regular tuition.  Contact me if you have questions:  PALADIN

At this moment, I’m planning to take the months of June, July and August off and work on personal projects.  I’m leaving the window open to do a private class or two.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if  you’re interested in putting together a class.

That’s the plan.  Of course, plans are always subject to being OBE.

Below you’ll find a link to the test of personal defensive ammunition that the folks at LUCKY GUNNER did.  It answers so many questions about the performance of today’s defensive handgun ammunition, I’ve put the link in the ‘regular features’ section, along with that to the test they did previously on STEEL v BRASS? ammunition for AR’s.  Both are interesting and well done.

How many rounds thru your AR?  If approaching the 5K mark, you might want to take a look at the post on bolt life expectancy linked below.

Go to the post office?  Who doesn’t?  Have a firearm in your car when you do?  Who doesn’t?  Read on.

Please continue to train and get ready; physically, mentally and spiritually!

Train hard!  Put God first!

SteveDVC/I H S


I’ve established a FaceBook page for area church security team members and administrative people to congregate and exchange intel, etc.  Because of the potential for sensitive information to be discussed, “Pee Dee Church Security Association” is a ‘secret’ page and you can only join if added by a member or by invitation.  If you’re on church staff and concerned about security, or if you’re on a church security team and would like to be in the group, contact me and tell me where you’re a member.  Soon as I get confirmation from the church I’ll hook you up.


Check this out:RESULTS


Check out the pictorial evidence of failure to inspect here:

Note that, at least in some cases, the guns were still functioning with broken bolts.  Sometimes, however, broken off pieces go places that cause problems.  I’ve seen stoppages and heard of unintentional discharges.

Clean and inspect!

Weapons Man… interesting blog.


‘Plaintiff Tab Bonidy, who has a concealed-carry permit under Colorado law, sued the United States Postal Service (USPS) challenging 39 C.F.R. § 232.1 (l), which prohibits the storage and carriage of firearms on USPS property. Bonidy claims the regulation is unconstitutional as applied to him because it violates his Second Amendment right to (1) bring his gun into the United States Post Office building in Avon, Colorado, and (2) store the gun in the post office parking lot while he picks up his mail.’

The above is taken directly from a recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision and is a more concise setup than I could write.  Bonidy’s challenge resulted in a District Court decision that the statute cited above is constitutional insofar as it makes illegal the carrying of firearms for personal defense INTO a Post Office, but is UNconstitutional when it outlaws simply having a firearm in the PO parking lot.

The feds appealed and the 10th Circuit decided that that part of the District Court’s decision regarding possession on USPS property was wrong and it IS illegal to have a firearm INSIDE YOUR CAR.  The SCOTUS decided not to hear Bonidy’s appeal, in effect engraving the 10th CCOA decision in stone.

I’m not telling you not to have a firearm in your car when you visit your local PO.  I’m not even telling you not to carry a concealed firearm when you go inside.  You’re an adult and can make your own cost / benefit analysis.  Just understand that, if caught and prosecuted, you could be found guilty of a felony in federal court.

But, I am certain of this:  If you decide to obey this law, and if someone attacks you while you’re walking to or from the PO or while in the lobby, you’re going to really regret not treating that statute with what it deserves — contempt.

“Laws are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools.”  — Harry Day
You can read the decision here:



We plan to do a SC CWP class late in May.  I’ll let you know via the newsletter soon as a date is confirmed.  If you’re interested in putting together a private class during the week, contact me.

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