4 NOV 2022

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A gentle reminder that DC2 happens in a couple of weeks; 19 and 20 NOV.  Link to the course description below.  DC2 is a pre-requisite for UBC.

Unfortunately, grant money can’t be used for this class as that is reserved for ‘basic’ handgun and carbine classes.

The next time we start cycling thru the course catalog is expected to be early 2023

Still got room.  Reserve your seat soon.

Also, I’ve been putting in some much needed work on the website.

  1. Got all the instructors listed along with their training bios.  A whole lot of knowledge, experience and talent on that page.
  2. I’ve got most of the classes listed along with their descriptions.
  3. Beginning to get the FAQs and LINKS updated.

These are the first improvements to the website in years.

Check it out.  And please let me know if you have problems.

And work on that Team!



Defensive Carbine 2 (DC2)

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