Edition 44

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I hope this finds you and your team well and continuing to prepare.

Lots of news in this edition.

Please check out the training schedule for the remainder of 2013 to the left. Due to the heat, we have only one outdoor class, a CWP, scheduled for July. I’m not planning to do a CWP in August.

Watch for details on a NEW one day class in August below.

There’s a BDH scheduled for the last weekend in September. Note that it’s a SAT/SUN class, as are the rest of the two-day defensive firearm classes this year. Next year the plan is to go back to the FRI/SAT format for at least the first half of 2014.

If you’re interested in taking the BDH class in September, there are two things you should start doing immediately:
1. Purchase ammunition
2. Exercise. Strengthen your hands and forearms particularly. The usual warnings about checking w/ your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen apply.

I know #2 seems odd in a low intensity basic class, but grip strength is one of the most important, and overlooked, factors in the ability to shoot a major caliber handgun well. ‘Well’ as in quickly and accurately.

Make note of the three carbine classes in the last quarter. Remember BCO is now a prerequisite for BDC as BDC is for UBC. BCO is where you learn to operate the carbine and get hits with it; BDC is where you learn to fight with it. Start gathering ammunition now if you’d like to attend one or more of these classes. We’re focusing more on the carbine as concern over the future stability of the country intensifies.

In response to many requests, we’ve scheduled a one day Basic Defensive Shotgun class in October.

UBC the last weekend in December!!!

Please forward to anyone you know that might be interested.

Train hard; put God first!

Logo Wear is Here!

I’ve got a good selection of caps and t-shirts in. The caps are low profile twill in OD w/ the subdued (black) logo and ‘UTRINQUE PARATUS’ (Ready for anything) on the back.

Short sleeve T’s are available in either OD or khaki, both w/ subdued logos, sizes M, L and XL.

New is a dark grey long-sleeve T with ‘PALADIN’ and the logo on the right sleeve. Sizes L and XL. Long sleeves can be handy, even (especially!) in summertime in a carbine class. Doesn’t take but a second for someone’s 5.56 brass to rest against your bare skin and you’ve got a blister. We see a lot of it in the BCO due to all the prone work at the 100 yard line.

  • Cap: $15
  • Short sleeve T: $15
  • Long sleeve T: $20

I’ll take orders for anything not in stock. Delivery time about a week.

Working on quotes for the decals now and hope to have that order placed before the end of next week.


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